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  • Majortypos Majortypos Jul 7, 1999 8:31 PM Flag

    Nice posting

    Please clean up your language a little. Just
    because you haven't made a mint in 18 months on this
    stock is not a good reason to say the stock is trash. A
    fair number of those "internet" stocks that you are
    using as examples shot way up, and then fell hard.

    By the way, how do you figure this stock "only makes
    money for the insiders"? What insiders? What

    Every insider trade I saw was a purchase, that doesn't
    make money for anyone.

    Stock performance has
    little, if anything, to do with actual company
    performance. Yet, people like you continue to trash the stock
    because you couldn't make a quick buck. Get real. Better
    yet, go to the stockholder's meeting and express your
    dissatisfaction. That would at least be a useful way to deal with

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    • I cheer BBI with finally doing something to
      create value with their drug development division.
      Everyone knew it did not belong under the roof of BBI and
      was detracting from the value of the stock. Now
      hopefully Panacos will be able to prosper by itself and BBI
      will profit as a result. A portion of something big is
      better than a large part of something small!

    • If these warrants are exercised at the exercise prices it will bring not only $ into the co. but the increased float won't be bad for the liquidity.

    • to get noticed with all those other companies at the upcoming conference, but I am glad to see them participate in PR events.

    • Paradigm Group
      3000 Dundee Road, Suite
      Northbrook, IL 60062

      Investment Focus
      Size of
      Typical Investment: $500,000 to $10 million
      of Company Desired: Late Stage, prefer product to be
      at least in beta testing.
      Technology Sectors:
      Recent Technology Investments: Terraglobal (CA:
      Convergence Technology), On Demand Video (CA: Accelerated
      Video Duplication Technology), Various software and
      internet companies.

      Firm Background
      All CPA's with variou business, tax, financial
      planning and audit backgrounds.
      Year Founded:
      Investment Capital Under Management: $100 million
      of Funding: Institutions and private

      Contact Information
      Fax: 847-562-0611
      Contact: Rich Winters

    • Does anybody have any additional information on
      the Paradigm Group?

      If seems to me that if
      there was some great "secret" out there that the
      Paradigm Group knows about and wishes to capitalize upon
      by their "investment" in BBI, that other people
      would know about it, too. Think about it. BBI has gone
      on these public presentations to try to pump up
      their stock (for example, the Boston BioTech
      Conference). If their story was so great, I would expect other
      investment funds to jump in, too. So the question remains,
      why the Paradigm Group.

      Specifically, what
      other investments has this investment group made? Are
      they speculative, high risk investments? I wouldn't be
      surprised if they are. After all, there are people out
      there who have alot of cash in their portfolio who turn
      it over to investment groups which specialize in
      identifying investments with big Vegas style risks and

      Paradigm Group - are you out there? What
      can you tell us about yourselve?

    • I agree that it is a win-win situation for BBII.
      Either way they are going to get money, obviously more
      if those warrants are purchased. I guess I am just
      worried about the potential for the shares being diluted
      and if the warrants are purchased if they would be
      sold soon after if the stock does make a small run
      upward. I suppose I may be thinking irrationally.

    • I don't think I understand what you mean by the
      small stockholder. A shareholder is a shareholder is a
      shareholder. If the warrants are exercised several things have

      1. the stock price is higher or the warrants would
      not have been exercised
      2. BBII gets over $2
      million (which helps their balance sheet)
      3. There is
      a higher float which helps liuidity in the
      4. The is another very sophisticated shareholder

      If the warrants are not exercised, then BBI keeps
      the $ from the sale of the warrants (however much
      that is).

      Any way this turns out, I think the
      investment community should take away the message that a
      sophisticated investor is willing ot plunk down good money to
      potentially buy shares that are at a premium to current
      market value. He obviously believes the stock is capable
      of going higher over the near term which should be a
      plus for any shareholder, small or not.

    • So, either 1. they are going to exercise the
      warrants and thus have more BBII stock floating around or
      2. they won't exercise them which means whatever
      they expected to happen in a period of six months
      never happened. I am sure it is good for both
      companies, but it doesn't seem to have much of a plus side
      for the small stock holder.

    • BBI's debt has not increased significantly since
      the beginning of the year but I agree their balance
      sheet would look better with more cash.

      It is
      clear the warrant purchasers felt they were getting
      cheap stock and this is bullish for the near term price
      of the stock. Even if the investors paid $100K, why
      throw this $ away for a 6-month warrant if they didn't
      think the stock would go up.

      BBI is putting a
      lot of $ in their R&D projects. Cleary, the reason to
      invest in BBI is for these projects and their potential

    • There are two things that stick out from the 10-Q
      filing for me:

      1. BBII seems to be going for
      market share in its clinical laboratory testing area. As
      their cost of services line, over last year, has
      increased $800,000 and their revenues have increased
      $700,000, I question whether or not they really wanted to
      do this.

      2. They have increased spending in
      R&D by about $400,000 over a year ago.

      Neither of these is necessarily good or bad. The R&D
      spending is generally considered "good" in a corporate
      atmosphere because it focuses on the future. Also, we know
      BBII has two very big research projects going on that
      should be taking considerable resources. I am much more
      concerned about the services end. It is considered "good"
      to get a higher percentage of market share, but
      losing out on your bottom line is not really that good a
      deal. I don't expect costs for doing something to rise
      at a larger rate than you take in. Losing an
      additional $100,000 because you lowered you price to gain
      market share wouldn't appear to be very smart. I just
      don't know why they would do this.

      By the way,
      I don't think the company has ever, or seems to be
      planning to, give dividends. As for why they sent out a
      press release, why not? I have heard a lot of people on
      this board complain that not enough information was
      getting out. Are you now complaining that too much is
      being sent out?

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