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  • kidmadeira kidmadeira Jul 18, 2013 3:12 PM Flag

    The wisedom of bike

    want2bik • Aug 17, 2009 10:53 PM

    Think the 30's is a better possibility for UTX than the 100 that flyer thinks. Obama doesn't seem to be the kind of president who will support growth in military spending and think that could hurt UTX. What do you think? I think the bull run is over and we are headed down until October when we may get a bounce back. Looking for a good end of the year. Come next year we may have to pay for all the stimulus the government has thrown at the problem. I plan on accelerating the money I take from my 40lk this year because next year the government is going to want more of my money. Don't have to worry about getting paid too much interest on the money because the government has fix that problem for me. Wondering how long the rest of the world will continue to buy our debt. Problem is the bankers have all the money and the middle class doesn't have much to spend. That might not be good for economic growth next year after the cash for clunkers and the tax rebate for buying a house run out. After those programs are gone they are not going to sell cars or houses and we will have the same problem again. That is the way I see things how do you see it?

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    • Kid, it isn't really fair to pick on Bike for a post that is almost four years old, IMHO. There have been a lot of changes in the world in those 47 months; any one of them could have swung the market steeply down instead of helping it stay bullish.

      You're young enough, it seems, that you can afford to ride the bull. Some people have neither the stomach nor the time-horizon to make that a logical choice.

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      • ctb,

        I'm young mentally, but, I don't have to take my shoes off at airports. I just returned from a vacation trip to Turkey, it was exceptional. The tax situation encourages me to take more risk since the government is looking to confiscate my estate when I take the dirt nap, so, I'm OK with risk. Bike may be a cool guy, but, he has kept that well hidden. I have issues with habitual whiners and complainers, but, that is who I am. At my age, I don't plan to join the other team. I'm just trying to have a little fun with folks who have rigid, inflexible and intransigent opinions.............Regards,....Kid

    • that 5 year run netted you a double 100%

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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