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  • airbornetrppervet airbornetrppervet Sep 5, 2013 9:35 PM Flag

    Sikorsky's Canadian screw up

    In my opinion, Sikorsky has been bending the Canadians over for about 9 years now and hurting them bad on this contract. I knew people in the DND when I worked at Sikorsky and they were peeved at how bad they were getting screwed. The only reason S got this contract was because of how well the S-61s performed and were supported. The Sea Kings were the best H ever to be produced by Sickorsky. It looks like the Canadians are fed up with S jerking them around. If I were Canada, I would sue the s*%# out of them for all the money back plus penalties. The program managers and responsible VP's should be canned. Sikorsky is like the stock market....past performance is no guarantee of future gains or something like that.

    Canada could scrap C$5 billion contract for Sikorsky helicopters

    OTTAWA, Sept 5 | Thu Sep 5, 2013 5:57pm EDT

    (Reuters) - Canada could scrap a C$5 billion ($4.8 billion) deal to buy maritime helicopters from United Technologies Corp's Sikorsky unit, the government indicated on Thursday.

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    • I don't understand this. S didn't develop a helo from scratch for the Canadians. The military version of the S-92 (H-92?) was flying...a proven design. What possibly could Canada wanted changed that would result is such incredible trouble for so many years?

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      • I wasn't that close to it, but this is my opinion............ there were "partners" involved that had to deliver sections. I guess it was "more economical" to subcontract and go offshore. Good luck with that one. S had the expertise right in house but they wanted to "save money". The Canadians may never come back after this f' up. I think you can blame Pino for this one. But, he got his millions and left.

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