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  • want2bik want2bik Sep 23, 2013 2:12 PM Flag

    Fix income rate

    The new rate has been announced at 3.3% which is unchanged until the end of the year. It is really a shame what the Fed has done to the old folk who depend on the interest rate.

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    • Thanks biker

    • I am an old folk and I think the fed has done pretty well. I do not want to get 6% on my savings because that would mean that mortgages and other types of loans would have much higher interest rates assigned. That will slow things down. I remember getting 13% on CDs. Problem was, mortgages were about 2-3% higher and defaults were very high also. People have to live within their means, not mortgage their a$$es to the hilt and be fiscally our federal government....LOL!!!!

    • Is it the FED, Biker, or the politicians who can't say NO to both useful government spending (to expand the economy, rebuild infrastructure, etc) or to porkbarrel waste (which is what the former is, in a district far from my own).
      I'll beat Kid to the punch line: UTX is paying 2% AND you'd have seen 30+% growth of capital this year, had you been invested.

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      • It would have been great to have been fully invested but I will always remember the market going down in 2007. I can't afford to lose 50% of my money with a market crash and it can happen. How many million you got riding on UTX? My guess is most have been selling stock and waiting to get in. The problem is with zero interest rate the market doesn't correct. The Fed has messed up the system because of the crisis created by the banks. What the future hold I can't say because I have never seen zero interest rates until recent times. Zero interest rates hurt the old folks because most of them can't afford to loose their money. Who knows maybe we will never see a correction again. I was fortunate enough to have made enough money so I can live on the interest. Can't afford to lose the principal. I like to time the market but the market is not acting like it should.

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