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  • want2bik want2bik Oct 3, 2013 11:40 AM Flag

    Debt ceiling

    Does anyone think these jokers will let us default on our debt? If we do you will have a chance to but UTX really cheap. Think the republicans will lose the house in the next election. People are getting tired of this stupid #$%$.

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    • Biker, I really HOPE that the wiser heads will prevail, but so far, the 'wiser heads' have been sadly absent from the elephantine side of the discussion. Boehner is not at all in control of his caucus, and it seems he hasn't been since 2010. He can't bargain in good faith as even when the Prisident offers essentially what they asked for, his caucus then says "no, we were kidding, we really want more!"

      The President CAN NOT negotiate with tthe republicans on the Affordable Care Act. It is law, it is funded, and it goes forward. They can try again, in 2014, to win a majority in the House & Senate, and THEN try to change the law. They REFUSED to participate in the initial negotiations establishing the law, dragging their feet all the way till it was passed on partisan lines.

      I'm expecting to see the market as a whole, and UTX even more so, decline in the next couple weeks. $100 does not look like a solid floor to me. I'm not sure where that floor may be, either, but then I'm TERRIBLE at predicting the precise swings of the market.

    • The dems can settle this

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      • The dems can't settle anything. The republicans are holding our country hostage. All they have to do is take a vote on the issue of debt. All they have to do is raise the debt ceiling. We have seen all this before and it is nonsense to destroy our economy with this foolishness. Come the next election they will pay for this. They are hurting a lot of people and these people will not forget what they have done.

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