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  • want2bik want2bik Oct 17, 2013 10:27 AM Flag

    Democrat vs Republicans

    For some reason you people think I am a democrat. You most likely think we have democracy? We have a country being run by the lobbyist. If you have enough money you can put the people you want into government and they will make the laws for the rest of us. I have explain this to you before that the top 1% have all the money because they make the laws. Are you people to dense to understand the facts. Try calling your Congressman and telling him you do not want GMO food and he will give you a big lecture which was provided by Monsanto. It is all about the money with these jokers and nothing else. They give you a stupid idea about doing what is right for our country and then they want to refuse to pay for what we have already bought. Can't you people see how stupid that is. All these jokers got together and voted to spend the money and now they don't want to pay. Now we get to go through this same ignorant procedure in another 3 months. Democracy at it's best.

    This doesn't bother me too much because I come from a time before the big lobbyist bought our government. I was able to accumulate sufficient money to make it the rest of my life. The thing which bothers me the most is how they are destroying the health of our country for money. They are destroying the land, air and water. They are destroying our children and killing our old people with their criminal laws and that is something more important than money. When you lose your health money means nothing. You really need to be concerned with this. Before you get any health procedure done investigate the procedure. Find out what is in the flu vaccine or any vaccine, the filling your dentist is putting in your mouth, the fluoride in your water, the GMO food Monsanto is producing, and the drug your doctors prescribe. You should understand all these things have been approved by the FDA and the FDA has been pact by the companies with the money. Why do we spend more for health but have worse results?

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    • calm_under_pressure50 calm_under_pressure50 Oct 17, 2013 11:01 AM Flag

      No offense Biker, you may not officially call yourself a Democrat, but your posts sure sound like you're a bleeding heart liberal.

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      • Whether I am a democrat, bleeding heart liberal, or what ever name you choose to give me is there any reason we should go through this same debt ceiling issue every three months? Is there anyone out there that thinks this is the best way to run our government? Does anyone think this is good for our economy? Do you really think this is a good strategy for the republicans? You think they should keep doing this until they loose control of the house? Do not think the majority of the people in our country want to go through this every three months. It is insane.

      • not-so-calm,......You have such a way with words, that's good. You also seem to be somewhat schitzophrenic, one day you're a strong buy on UTX and the following day you're a strong sell, que passa? I sold some UTX today that I bough 2 weeks ago, took profits. Generally I don't like UTX as a trading stock, not volatile enough.

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