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  • kidmadeira kidmadeira Nov 21, 2013 8:13 PM Flag

    Laissez les bon temps rouler !

    I think Happy Days are here again, let the good times roll. My 401K is up an obscene 31.7% YTD. I did nothing creative at all, I made no changes this year to my allocations. I'm going to do some prancing with not-so-calm and W2B. How about that super jumbo 747 landed at the wrong airport? Life is entertaining. ......El Kid

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    • Glad your happy KID but the real question is 31.7% of what? If it is 31.7% of a million that is good. If it is 31.7% of $1,000 not so good. Keep in mind it is not a gain until you sell. Your taking required distributions because of your age so one thing for sure you will be drawing down your 401k. I have a few more years before I reach that point but am concerned about what happens then. Really going to be a bad situation for my taxes. Right now I can control how much I take out but at that point the government has a schedule for me.

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      • bik

        It is always about the margins. Not everybody has millions sitting to earn a big pay day. Eventually with these type of margins kid is making, it will be on a million. Quit being so obtuse and give a brother some props when it is deserved. By the way kid, i am up almost 30% also riding the UTX gravy train. And Bik, i did sell stock at 105 after buying it at 66.

      • W2B,.... I have been taking the RMD for a few years, the amazing thing is that my 401K balance is the highest it's ever been. As George W Bush said, "You have mis-underestimated me". I expect that my income this year will be my highest ever, even though I've been retired for 14 years. Also, think about "mark to market" a gain is a gain, just like a loss is a loss even though you do not buy or sell your position. I like the problems that I have......Bike On!

    • Don't like to brag, Kid; my 401k is up 40.1% as of11/17 close. Tick on a few more points for the balance of last week; I don't summarize but twice a month. I moved $100k out of common into income over the course of the year, as I don't mind taking a fair profit now & again. total portfolio (including 401k) splits out to these ratios: 25% fixed, 46% small co stocks, 22% large co stocks and 7% international (the equities are a mix of individual stocks and funds). The conventional wisdom is I'm too heavily into equities, but an aggregate yield of 3.??% on fixed incomes won't support much retirement prancing!
      Happy Holiday to all.

    • I feel like a loser. I am only up 15% because of my cash position. And, the only reason I am up that much is because of my UTX holdings and the S&P. I went with the conventional wisdom that at my age, I should not be so heavy into the markets. Hopefully, I can get another 10% next year. Somewhere, there is a correction in our future. I may use it as an opportunity to put $into the target funds. I am doing well there.

    • bigstevea Nov 22, 2013 3:59 PM Flag

      Nice kid, hope 2014 is better for you . What does your mix look like for next year?

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      • Bigsteve,......Thanks, if next year is as good as this year, I'll be happy. I don't have any strategies for next year. I haven't made any changes in my 401K in more than 10 years. Most advisors would not recommend my allocation, it would be viewed as too concentrated since it is all equities, UTX stock and ESOP is close to 50%, large caps about 40% and small caps about 10%. I figure that my 401K will closely reflect the economy. Unlikely unforeseen events could cause me to make changes. I also have a personal trading account where I'm very active and more diversified.....Kid

    • calm_under_pressure50 calm_under_pressure50 Nov 22, 2013 12:08 PM Flag

      Kid, I'm prancing in your footsteps.
      Looking forward to UTX cracking thru $110 and the Nasdaq thru 4,000.
      In addition to UTX, I'm in QLD.
      Don't expect to get bring out the bear suit until some time in 2014.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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