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  • billranders billranders Mar 28, 2012 3:48 PM Flag

    PCC Hires Well Known Financial Analyst

    PCC Hires Well Known Financial Analyst. Hiring what PCC says is a top, well known Dallas firm to conclude everything is OK is totally consistent with the way management operates. Hire a consultant who agrees with you.
    Who needs a Wall Street analyst at $400 an hour who will tell you the way it is when you can hire a Walnut Street Analyst in Dallas for $8.75 an hour who will say whatever you want them to say.

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    • What the deuce are you ranting about? Are you referring to Houlihan Lokey? Is so, yes they do have offices in Dallas.

      And offices in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Los Angeles (HQ), as well as overseas London, Frankfort, Paris, Tokyo, China, India...

      In fact it is the largest private investment bank in the world.

      Your statements are false. Anyone reading them should beware.

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      • Be patient and thou shall see. The report was written shortly after the check cleared and the outcome was defined, or visa versa. It will be released when the timing suits management. It's title is probably going to be something like---A Strategic Path, subtitled....This Is What Management Wants.
        In other words, pick and pay the analyst who tells you what you want to hear.
        Don't you get it ? Only a cave man chooses an analyst whose outcome report is tuly objective.
        Maybe you just don't understand how it works,but remember that all "strategic paths" lead to management grabbing the lions share of the results if they are good and walking away free and clear if they are bad.
        So, if you believe in fairy tales, good luck.