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  • toolyrooly toolyrooly Nov 14, 2012 4:44 PM Flag

    Someone has to pay for it

    No one here can #$%$ about the dividend. All were warned about the way this family and friends run the outfit. In short, it;s MFEEM. Me first everyone else maybe. It's called the good old suckout. Pay off the family and friends and give the crumbs to the stockholders. Look at some other stocks that are controlled by friends and family and you will see a familiar pattern.
    One guy on this message board warned and based his warning on the fact that he (or she) was just such an insider for years until the company died a slow death with the insiders set for life.
    The pattern here is to disclose everything and hope the stockholders are too dumb to notice. They are probably correct in this case.
    As for "trying to sell the company", everyone was aware of the fact that it was a move to distract....they never had any real thoughts of of giving up the gravy train, move was only to snooker the sharehalders.

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