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  • i_gotta_have_more_cowbell i_gotta_have_more_cowbell Jan 24, 2014 6:21 PM Flag

    Cramer Says "There's Always A Bull Market Somewhere"

    In any climate there will be stocks trading to the beat of their own drum. TWTR will seemingly defy gravity with it's setup that ironically "weighs" more than over all market conditions. Shorts are just too eager, and too willing to throw money away, just hoping for anything to shift the balance of power. Five days we hung around 62, I saw you flinch a couple times this week, we both know you're on the hook; swallowed that bait didn't you? Might as well get used to being there.

    How much money can be made by this going down? Only shorted float amounts 30 maybe 35 million shares with a best case scenario of shorting to zero (max $216M)? How much money is to be made by 545 million shares with a theoretical unlimited gain? (same 61.74 x 545M shares = $33.6 Billion) Even if you don't know anything about investing, which of those two would you rather throw your hat in the ring with $216 million or $33.6 billion?

    *in my best whinny voice* "but it's over valued". Yeah, heard ya the first 800 times Nancy pants keep singing that tune when we hang you up by your short and curlys. You don't get to take everyone else for a joy ride on this, it's just not going to happen.

    My VRNG shares are doing pretty well tonight, guess sometimes the facts surrounding a stock really do trump market conditions...

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    • Is there some correspondence class or something that all TWTR bears subscribed to? Is Wily Coyote the professor at ACME U. where you guys all got these dumb ideas about investing? Just stand on the X and wait for the "market correction" to crash TWTR and drop the anvil on longs...Meep Meep! Honestly where do you all keep coming from? God bless you though, we need a bunch of you to take one for the team here real soon.

    • Did anyone force you to short? Why do you care about anyone shorting, unless your intention is to pump up this stock??

    • Cow: I'd hate to see you lose all your money with this stock. You are fixated with the "float". Your time horizon for any gains with this stock are slim to none. The macro market conditions(CORRECTION), CHINA, ARGENTINA, TURKEY, long in the tooth bull market, TAPER, lower profit forecasts, etc. So you are starting with almost nothing but headwinds and the looming elephant in the room(2 lockup expirations) The first is the baby one after earnings and the daddy of all lockup expirations in May with hundreds of millions of shares flooding the market. Most analysts think TWTR is overvalued by 50% as I do. I think you need to be aware of the macro and not get tunnel vision here. If Apple disappoints Monday, next week will be a bloodbath.My weekly puts didn't work out today on TWTR but still happy with my research and trading with this stock.

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      • i_gotta_have_more_cowbell i_gotta_have_more_cowbell Jan 25, 2014 2:48 PM Flag

        I remember being young and dumb, a lot has changed...I'm not as young ;) I think there's hope for elmo, you're reachable, not like that dolt "value..." guy that boasts of making rookie mistakes in the face of my supreme lordship. So I'm going to help you stitch some data together. Nothing happens in a vacuum right?

        Monday morning you need to get up early and see what pace CAT is going to set, estimates are 1.28 eps dealer inventory is high, but they've been implementing cost cutting measures over the last year, and even though China sales are in decline you'll want to see how domestic numbers are projected to be affected by...employment numbers. Specifically you want to take notice that domestic nonresidential construction is growing, that's good for CAT, which sets the stage for industrials.

        Monday after the bell you want to tune in to hear what AAPL has to say. AAPL is already undervalued, it's still a growth company, it's products are in demand I'm not worried about AAPL. Besides, do you really think you're smarter than Carl Icahn who just laid a out a huge buy order right before earnings? That's almost as crazy as betting against Cowbell ;)

        Also after the bell Monday is when short interest is published for the period ending Jan 15th previous amount was 42% of the float, look for that number to go up. Look around at sentiment, see how stubborn bears are ;)

        Know the difference between a buyable moment, and a shortable moment, a little ripple in a rather robust US economy is buyable moment, not a shortable one. Too bad FDX isn't reporting to show how well things really are doing. Shipping stuff around tells a story too. 2014 another good year!

    • PUTS are better than direct short.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • agent_smith Jan 25, 2014 7:18 PM Flag

        I strongly disagree with that! Why worry about time decay? Puts = gambling (unless you are using them as a hedge). Every trade should be entered with a planned exit, and then monitored for performance. If the trade moves in the wrong direction, you have to get out. You can limit your loss when shorting .. it's a called a stop loss!

    • i_gotta_have_more_cowbell i_gotta_have_more_cowbell Jan 24, 2014 6:25 PM Flag

      Missing a decimal point should be 2.16 B vs 33.6 B, you still get the point thought right ;)

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