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  • shanghai_pussy shanghai_pussy Apr 23, 2014 3:16 PM Flag

    Shorts is about to get GANG RAPE by Wall St. and they don't even know it

    Wall St. is a Casino, they're not here to give you handout or make you filthy rich. If they gave you lots of money, that means they going to take it all back from you. Shorts made a lot of money on the downside and got too greedy and didn't leave the Casino... instead, they keep piling it on and short even more. Just look at the short position on twitter and all the puts buying and you can tell they didn't leave the Casino with all their big winnings. Why ? because they think the lockup that's coming in May is going to make them filthy rich..

    that's when Wall St. clean you out , when you're so convinced that the lockup will drive twitter price lower, you already set yourself into a psychological trap that you can't get out of in time. What do you think is going to happen when the insiders doesn't sell due to the lower beat up prices ? lockup comes, and twitter price doesn't fall... instead, it starts to shoot up

    YOU GET A MASS PANIC in May for the shorts

    Some shorts won't cover because they're convinced again that twitter going to have not so great earnings, once again they're stuck in another psychological trap thinking a bad earnings event can bail them out in a short position that went wrong.

    The twitter insiders especially the CEO and CFO already knows what Wall St. wants and looking for, if they don't deliver they know their jobs is on the line... so this coming earnings Twitter going to surprise to the upside. Let's not forget Wall St. already lower their expectation for twitter which makes it easier for twitter to come out with a great result that would surprise the street.

    don't get shock when you see Twitter up like $30.00 in afterhour trading after earnings

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