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  • nuttingwong88 nuttingwong88 Jan 5, 2013 12:51 AM Flag

    feel sorry for the bagholders here

    the plug will be pulled on this puppy shortly
    poorly managed company
    suprised a hedgie hasnt taken this over but they will let it bleed out first
    like that fellow said a while back.....elevator ride was one the first floor

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • I say it goes to the 3rd floor before the 1st floor

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Its true the executive management is mis managing revenue business and expense, and I been the last critic to not have confidence in them.

      After saying that, I do believe TRIT will have better year this year after all the large projects are completed and receivable collected.

      TRIT price should reflect that by end of this new year.

      It may not reach $10+, but I think it is easily could go up to $7. So I am staying in until TRIT arises from ashes or just crash and burn.

      Its not worth to sell at this price.

      The problem with TRIT is always been lack of money to fund any additional or large projects. They already went to three different banks for line of credit and issued bond for work-in-capital expenses.

      Hopefully they learned their lesson last two years. Its time to EXECUTE!!!!

      Sentiment: Hold