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  • jeeree234 jeeree234 Nov 30, 2011 2:21 PM Flag

    We Love You Wilhelmina............

    .....but you're not loving us back. Your Investor Relations Dept. seems to be ignoring us shareholders with a news blackout of sorts.

    Touting the signing of a new big name talent would not only be appreciated by us but the client too. They sign to get their name in the limelight/news.

    WHLM has no institutional investors, no mutual fund investors, and zilch really bigtime outside investors, the lack of which means they apparently aren't being solicited. WHLM needs to start spreading the word. This would be a good place to start. When we're sure WHLM is on the right track we might even increase our holdings and spread the word.

    With decades of history, respectibility and industry leadership WHLM should be an easy promotion.

    Sure hope WHLM promotes their clients better than they do the company.

    Isay...WHLM is a sleeper and someday will greatly reward investors. A little promotional motivation would certainly hasten that day.

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    • You want an institutional investor to buy a $0.20 stock on the OTCBB with a market cap of $24M? What are you smoking?

      Retail will get WHLM off the OTCBB but it will take some time. The Miami earnout is the next milestone for WHLM. From the sounds of the language in the 10-Q it appears WHLM has the option to pay it in cash or stock or a combo of both. If they pay in cash, that should be automatically anti-dilutive to shareholders, right? That stock is in the dilutive shares outstanding already, right? I'm not 100% sure of that, but we should find out within the next few months either way.

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