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  • jeeree234 jeeree234 Feb 14, 2013 11:46 AM Flag

    How The Wind Blows....

    ....or should I say Da Breeze. I knew you guys with your constructive criticism were setting yourselves up for a dabreeze tongue-lashing.

    I'm sure the guy wants , like all of us, the best for WHLM but there is no reason to come on this board and criticize every post that concerns issues and thoughts of shareholders.

    I first got involved back when NCEH became a shell company to buy Princeton Co. with the intent of IPOing it and generating substantial returns for investors. I believe I paid $3 for shares around 2000 or 2001 or thereabouts. Nobody on this board wants WHLM to succeed more than I do.

    But the orginal plan wound up a scam with officers lining their pockets . Lawsuits started flying . Newcastle Partners LP took over with Mark Schwartz stating that this was the first step in repositioning the co. so that the stockholders would benefit.

    I'm getting tired of waiting for those benefits. Shareholder value is less now than years ago.

    First a scam and now a management team that won't even provide information to its owners. First dishonesty now what can be perceived as only laziness.

    Shareholders want current news but above all clients want news and want to be in the news.

    PS dabreeze: You shouldn't be reading anymore postings if they bother you so much.

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    • aren't likely to get your $3 back, so it is probably best to sell out now. If it doubles to $0.30 it isn't going to mean much for you. My VWAP is $0.129. Call the CFO and ask if they are going to put out a gross billing update before they release the 10-K. If he says no - ask why. Or show up at the next investor presentation they do and ask for some time with Mark after the presentation to go over a few things. Complaining on here isn't going to do anyone any good.

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