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  • jeeree234 jeeree234 Mar 18, 2013 5:28 PM Flag

    Attention WHLM Employees And Clients

    Shareholders get no news on what's happening within the company. Consequently this message board is basically dead with nothing to comment on or discuss.

    It's frustrating that as owners we are completely ignored. In fact, we've heard of only one significant client, Gloria Estefan, being signed since new management took over.

    In a desperate attempt to ascertain if management is actively involved in bettering the company I'm asking,on behalf of all those owning stock that you help us in our quest and thirst for news.

    Employees, are you seeing management as inept as shareholders are perceiving them to be? Clients are your expectations being met? Are you being well represented, getting work and happy with the agency relationship?

    Sure would be nice to hear from you as you may be our only source for any news. Anything positive would really be appreciated. High hopes for a new dynamic management team taking WHLM out of the penny stock realm, however, are diminishing evidenced by a going nowhere low stock price and negligible trading volume, most days none at all..............Longtime And Concerned Stockholder

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    • Good God you are such a tool. That's all. Oh, and what about Chris Brown? Is that crazy dude not a significant signing? And wasn't Estefan actually signed before new mgmt took over?
      10-K will be out in the next 10-12 days. Can you wait that long, you cry baby?

9.95Oct 25 3:34 PMEDT