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  • speltd speltd Sep 23, 2001 6:49 AM Flag


    Our chairman Mr. Stata last month again showed his confidence in the future of the company by SELLING thousands of shares @ average of $48 plus.Raising Millions of dollars,Which he now intends to give to the familes of the victims of the WTC. The last part of the message is a rumour which I don't believe.The first part about SELLING is FACT.Well done Stata.PS Any chance you could wisper in my ear before you next sell off. I could do with the money like yourself.

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    • You're pretty close to correct on both counts. The Pastoriza acquisition was the source of some key discrete converter designers who eventually moved into IC design. This didn't happen until ADI was well entrenched in IC op-amps, on the strength of a personal investment by Stata when ADI's board didn't see the wisdom. Stata's original IC company was called Nova Devices, later absorbed into ADI.

      Early on, ADI made a very profitable business out of rescreening op-amps from Harris, TI & others, binning them into an array of performance grades (tempco, offset drift, etc) and labelling the parts as ADI. This was a very common practice at the time and generally done with the consent of the original producer. Still done today by some in the mil-aero market by the way.

    • > Welcome back. Personally, I would like to
      > hear both the Pastoriza & TI
      > tales...details, please.

      There is very little to tell. Just rumors really.

      The rumor with Pastoriza is pretty basic. It was this acquisition that ended up serving as the foundation of ADI's present day general purpose converter group. The history seems to be lost to many present day ADI employees.

      As for TI, there are many stories there. One of my favorites is ADI's testing and repackaging of TI parts as their own high precision parts. Apparently TI had a much wider spec than they were manufacturing to, and ADI seized the opportunity.

      These are just old stories that circulate amongst the old timers of the industry. It's difficult to tell how much truth there is to any of it. But it does make for interesting conversation.

    • Silene is golden but in your case its pathetic. NOTHING TO SAY TO MY QUESTION?SELL,I will be back to you when the price is down. Will you honestly tell me how much you lost since ignoring my first message, under the handle SPELTD?

    • Stupid BOLLOCKS, its not possible to recommend ones own posts.Kindly leave the board,DIMWIT.You are the WEAKEST LINK.

    • Ah, but it is not difficult to recommend one's own post, and I'm sure you are only too happy to recommend any negative posts as well.

      Unless we know who is doing the recommending, it's not worth anything at all, at all.

    • PS: Have a look at a little Irish company trading at .65 cents,DLEX.

    • I did,now waiting to buy back in under $25.Do you still have yours? Who is the fool? Its not our esteemed CHAIRMAN. Perchance is it you?

    • Paddy--
      I think you are a real fool.

      If you are unhappy with the CEO, sell your one share
      and invest in something else.

    • gimme a break, the guy only sold well under
      %10 of his 4 million shares and everyone is gettin hot and bothered. just hold onto you shares and watch em rise for the next 3 years. chill out.

    • Please let me know the time of your next sell off.I too want to sell 50,000 shares at say$35, and be able to buy them back when they go down 25%.Nice one Mr CHAIRMAN.

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