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  • tigerpaw192 tigerpaw192 Apr 12, 2002 10:17 AM Flag



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    • Again - NOT TRUE - you need to catch up with where ADI is today, not when you "retired"

    • NOT TRUE - at least not now.

    • Sorry! My apologies, Linear_girl! (Thanks, Donn!)

    • You quoted the wrong person. I am the one who retired from ADSC on Independence Day 1997.
      I have not worked for any company since then, have not spent any time in endless meetings witnessing hot air being pushed around the room, and do not miss the corporate scene at all.

      Donn in San Jose

    • <<I retired from ADSC on Independence Day 1997.>>

      Having won your Independence, Linear_girl, are you now working for Maxim, or perhaps Linear Technology??

    • >< but Ray had the vision that semiconductors would be important to ADI's future growth.><

      <Yes, it was Ray that grew ADI. Now you have Jerry at the helm :-) :-) :-)>

      Yes, Linear_girl! Jerry's promotion track is another example of Ray's vision. We're coming out of this industry cycle with a leaner organization, increased cash flow, lots of new products and design wins, increased market share, and unbroken profitability (both GAAP and "pro forma").

    • Linear Girl:

      Everyone uses TSMC these days, or another foundry. Pioneering is mostly in circuit design and in product definition. You may be right about Limerick Fab; I don't know.

      Customers do not buy processes; they buy products that solve problems for the lowest installed system cost. Fab people often miss this basic fact. Designers use internal or external processes, whatever is the best for product design.

      Look at the ADI Fellows list sometime, and you will see that circuit designers are over half of the list. Fab, Test, Packaging, Software, and others are there, too. It takes teamwork and top notch techologists in all disciplines to come up with superior products.

      You still have not told us when or where Jerry Fishman was fired.

      Anyone thinking they are still PMI employees is unrealistic or living in the past. When you are bought you work for the acquirer. Phaseout of the PMI identity was pretty much finished in the first year. The day we switched employee badges had a sense of finality about it.

      Donn in San Jose

    • > but Ray had the vision that semiconductors would be important to ADI's future growth.

      Yes, it was Ray that grew ADI. Now you have Jerry at the helm :-) :-) :-).

    • > Later on all CMOS activity was moved to Ireland, where they did a tremendous job in pioneering the use of CMOS in analog IC's

      I can't stop laughing.

      ADI's Limerick fab is a joke. It only existed due to incentive money and an interesting form of tax 'filtering'.

      The Limerick fab has pioneered nothing. TSMC has had to teach these folks the very basics in terms of setting up a process.

    • > I retired from ADSC on Independence Day 1997.

      Many of the employees there still refer to themselves as PMI employees.

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