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  • zanalogic zanalogic Oct 23, 2005 6:30 PM Flag

    linear_girl = investor relations

    Jerry is not a leader and can only be counted on for knee jerk business responses. The reality is TI shamelessly took ADI's business plan (Linear + DSP) and executed on it while Jerry idled the time away. It was under Jerry's watch that TI transformed from a DRAM manufacturer to an analog DSP company and screamed past ADI.

    Also, a great leader has nurtures a deep bench of management talent to follow. Who can lead ADI past the future competition?

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    • computing developments. (the ASC)

      I never was sure why.
      Perhaps for seismic data processing,
      or for submarine tracking.

      TI had a Wallace-tree multiplier in the
      original TTL databook (the huge yellow book).
      I was puzzled as to who would want a 2X4 bit
      multiplier building block, but I realized
      a summarine has lots of electrical
      capacity and an entire ocean for heat

      Thus using those WallaceTree ICs to build
      FastFourierTransform boxes, to search for
      enemy subs, perhaps with phased-arrays
      of transducers for directional searches,
      made sense.

    • I do see some superb radio-system designs
      coming from Krennick, et al

    • I do like that Jerry eliminated
      the internal competition to serve the
      same markets, and required engineers to
      start documenting their decision process.

    • Huh?

    • testing : hate hatred

    • Thanks xfi. I still consider the Bell Labs team as the true inventors of semiconductors, which subsume IC's in my opinion, and I won't bother defending Kilby for the same reason.

    • There is a reasonable report at
      which discusses his 1952 contribution. The
      RRE/DERA journals show him predating the
      Bell Labs team, but they are not publicly

      A lame rebuttal, I know.....

      Either way, his work pre-dates Kilby which
      was the original thread!

    • Interesting. Could you adduce material showing that Mr. Dummer conceptualized the Si (or for that matter any other semiconductor) transistor? I would be interested in seeing it. I have never heard of anyone predating the Bell Labs team in this field in any way.

    • First public disclosure is usually considered
      the source of invention as far as patent law
      is concerned. An extension of that law is the
      right of patent infringement protection which
      is granted if non-disclosed official
      documentation can be offered in defense.
      Our friend Dummer worked on the idea of a
      silicon transistor during the war years and
      can be evidenced by the British Ministry of
      Defenses archives; his original intent was
      to replace the valves used in bombers.
      Unfortunately he was not allowed to make a
      public disclosure during war time for obvious
      reasons. TECHNICALLY, you are correct
      Shockley and co made the first public
      disclosure and are considered the inventors,
      however, together with other war time British
      inventors such as Frank Whittle (the guy who
      invented the jet engine) a lot of the credit
      has been lost to those who commercialized the
      That old adage applies here - history is
      written by the victor!

    • Rubbish! (as they say in the U.K.).

      Just because you THINK of something doesn't make you an inventor! Did Jules Verne 'invent' rockets or did Wernher B & Co??

      On the other hand, the TI IC 'invention' was really an obvious and trivial extension of the concept of semiconductors. The real semiconductor heroes are and will always remain real physicists Bardeen, Brattain & Shockley, not soem twit EE (like me!).

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