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  • ypresian ypresian May 11, 2008 2:48 AM Flag

    Shady Waiver

    I walked away from an ADI IC Design application after reading a portion of the associated waiver:

    "I agree to hold ADI and any such former employer, educational institution or individual harmless from any claims made by me on the basis of providing such information.   I further agree that ADI and any such former employer, educational institution or individual shall not be held liable in any respect if a job offer is not extended or is withdrawn by ADI, or if my employment is terminated due to information provided in response to this application."

    I'm not amused by an application that tramples on my rights for the purpose of evading accountability.

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    • Good one!

    • "I recall your managerial skills, yelling and screaming"? Funny how you have vivid recollections of someone you've never met. Are you schizophrenic or is this an unprofessional stunt?

      Anyone who's worked under me will tell you that I train my people throughly, lead them through example, serve their needs, and work alongside them when possible to stay in-touch. "He who would be first must be last and servant of all." I defy you to find any subordinate who would say otherwise.

      Never have I yelled or screamed at a subordinate in the Analog industry. Every one of them performed excellently and met my expectations.

      What is your concept of a good manager? Is it a dull-minded, uncreative, pathologically out-of-touch, desk-bound pencil pusher with weak analytical skills who badmouths his staff to divert attention from his own incompetence, while entertaining delusions of grandeur? Is this what ADI has to offer?

    • again, go on with your life and do something else, but stop whining at this industry, fool.

      I recall your managerial skills, yelling and screaming out of the door ere still part of it? makes for a pleasant working environment (for you maybe)

    • Persian? Nice try.

      Maxim doesn't suffer fools, they promote them! How else would they get on the pink sheets?

      I've already founded a startup and managed at two companies -like the meat plant I was at for 6.5 years. At the meat plant, I was given a significant raise for forging a high-productivity crew out of the dregs of humanity -accomplished without firing a single one, through training and leadership.

      I was successful with crazy knife-throwing Italians, brain-dead ex-junkies and sleazy bar gals; Analog Semi Industry managers fail with educated engineers. Makes one wonder where the real problem is. Can you say; "poor leadership", "lack of fundamental business skills" or "weak analytical judgement"?

    • Hi Persian,

      sounds to me like you should be setting up your own analog start-up, carve out a niche where all these other compaies are not focusing. Bag your $20M/year of new opportunities all for yourself. And you may not even need a lawyer.
      With your education and know it all attitude, you will be able to raise plenty of capital and hire the best analog engineers yourself. What a party it will be. The current corporate cultures are clearly not for you, you need your own 10 commendments and "don't suffer fools", wasn't that #1 from the one who fired you?, he definitely did not suffer a fool like you.

      Good luck, we welcome your competitive spirit.

    • Annoying? Not as annoying as working one’s way though engineering school while providing for two teenage brothers only to loose one’s career to corporate politics and then have around 50% of potential employers require waiving ones legal rights against blacklisting as a condition for a background check.

      Having invested around $25,000 towards a MSEE so far, my first priority is in ensuring I don’t fall prey to unprofessionalism again -especially considering my time constraints. From the outside, I cannot know which people to avoid. However, I do know that unprofessional people can’t handle criticism and dissent constructively. If criticism manipulates the people I should avoid into eliminating themselves from consideration, then being annoying has served its purpose.

      I like the ending of your post, dirty.sanchez65, and on that note I’ll take your advice and start the weekend.

    • I must be a simpleton. It takes me three or four times to understand what you wrote. You do not make any sense. You are kind of annoying.

      Get some sleep! Bring the family down to disneyland or world. Enjoy life!

      And I know one thing.....

      Jesus Loves You

    • From my end, the challenge is completing a MSEE and establishing world-class design skills with sufficient credibility to build and lead a SouthWest design center -all in around 2 years, starting from the end of this Summer with 18/45 units already completed.

      Its the unenviable kind of situation one finds oneself in after being delayed by engineering politics for 10 years.

      Granted I am being a bit of an @ss, but if I choose the wrong employer and find myself entangled in more senseless drama or fall prey to Maxim's blacklist, I will fail. Such an objective is beyond the reach of most people. Even under the best of conditions and with a h#ll of a lot of hard work, the odds of my pulling this off are 70%, assuming I complete preparations on-schedule this Summer. The problem isn't so much ego as facing a difficult task with high stakes and no margin for errors.

      One of the preparations is layout school, which is underway now.

    • First let me just say that I have no horse in this race. I am not employed by ADI nor do I own any stock in the company.

      Second, ADI does not know who you are. I know that may be hard for someone with your ego to believe but it is true. Their management is not sitting around scratching their heads tryng to figure out what THEY can do to get YOU to come work for them or what they can do to keep you away for that matter.

    • route128_driver, unprofessionalism is unprofessionalism and it's no wonder that, the industry leader in employee abuse, is also the leader in backdating accounting shenanigans. Suppression of unprofessionalism is in the best interests of both the engineering labor market and the investment community.

      I've seen engineering politics in the analog industry drive-off quite a number of good Apps Engineers and Designers at the cost of losing entire markets. And, I've seen top talent blacklisted and out of work since the late 90's. Turnover in my group at Maxim was around 90% at the time of my departure. And to date. National Semiconductor management still hasn't exhibited sufficient competence for basic tasks, like producing a datasheet or evaluation board for the LMX3406 -Its no surprise that talent fled to ADI.

      In my case, in the 4.5 years I was at Maxim, I...
      * Handled around 12,000 customer tech support calls.
      * Generated over 2,000 tech support emails and FAXes.
      * Wrote 12 new-product datasheets.
      * Collected lab data and generated graphs for 21 new products.
      * Road tested 26 new products for defects.
      * Designed, built or tested around 30 design-win boards.
      The value of my 1996-7 strategic customer design wins was estimated at $20M/y. (My performance at National was much worse as I was constantly waylaid by politics by some of the same people who drove talent to ADI.) Is this weak performance? Decide for yourself.

      There are things about ADI that I like but also ominous signs I do not. The latter must be addressed constructively and fixed before I consider ADI as either a stock pick or an employer. The shady waiver is one of them. I will not sign any waiver that nullifies rights to take legal action against Maxim's blacklisting and attempts to evade accountability for integrity of work-product are bad signs.

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