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  • duydinh_t duydinh_t Jan 9, 2013 2:21 PM Flag

    RAT: Can you promise this board that you will not post here for a week if UGAZ trade above 18s by 3:00 PM Thurs?

    If UGAZ is not trading about 18s by 3:00PM EST, I will not post here for 1 week. I can promise you on that.

    Take care,

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    • Nope.
      You are the rat, not me, since you are into the name calling.
      You made a very bad, misleading call on NG, and normally I wouldn't say anything.
      But, since I see you influencing people who are following you, I HAD to call you out, because you are TRULY CLUELESS about NG. When I see you telling people that NG is going back to the 30s, I know that you are ignorant on the subject. But you have a HUGE ego, and don't like being called out. You think you know it all, but none of us does. I have been trading NG for years, off & on, so I do know the basics. You, obviously, do not. And you also lied on your post below about RIMM. I said to short RIMM. You said, just last week, that you were "studying" RIMM and the "big boys" were accumulating and it was a buy. I said to sell it because their next earnings was going to be bad. You responded that "they just posted earnings", as if I didn't know that. Guess what, there is always another earnings report coming, and I believe RIMM's will be a disaster. Do I really have to bring up the post?
      I was here trying to help/educate you & the others about NG. I gave you the link where you can find out all you need to know about NG. I explained about the weather, the most important factor.
      But you take that as an attack.
      It wasn't an attack, but rather an attempt to be helpful.
      The fact that you took that as a personal attack speaks to your huge ego.
      I was sharing information with you and the board, not for selfish reasons, but to be helpful, and MOSTLY, to prevent others from losing their money. But you became even more adamant, as if you were going to show me who was right, and you kept adding to a UGAZ long position, and were urging others to do the same.
      Do I have to pull up that post too?
      Yesterday, I recommended HLF, and you immediately dismissed that idea, saying "Danny, don't do it", and that I was late to the party. But it is up over $4 since my call. Then you posted a statement by Ackman that was over a month old, as if it had any validity. Your quick cut & paste told me that you didn't really know the story, as it has changed markedly since the short seller issued his statement. But you wanted to prove that you knew something about it by posting a month old statement by a short seller. Do you think he might be biased? You aren't up to date on what is happening there, yet you somehow had a strong opinion.
      If I am making a move, I post it in real time, not after the fact, like "shorting coal", or "shorting SPWR", or going long HLF. These are just my suggestions, what I am doing. You can take it or leave it. If some people make money along with me, I am happy.
      I like the thought of sharing ideas and opinions. It's always good to see what other people are thinking. I like to see the thought process of people on the other side of the trade, and I like to get other trader's opinions.
      But just because my opinions might differ from you on occasion, it doesn't mean it is an attack.
      It's just a difference of opinion, and, in case you forgot, everyone's entitled to their opinion.
      It's plain to see that you got angry when called out.
      That's your ego problem. Deal with it. When you are wrong, be a man and admit it.
      Don't post a bunch of vague double talk in broken English.
      You said:
      " I rarely call people name and disrespect other people's opinions. But I do make exception in this case. Someone is not invited and attacks us and calls us foolish".
      Not "invited"? This is a public message board. I don't need an invitation. And as far as being respectful, you are here taking over another stock's message board. Were you invited to invade their board?
      Are you respecting them?
      You could care less about the ADI people.
      Why don't you ask them if YOU are invited?
      I am sorry you lost money, but I tried to warn you & you would not listen.
      You chose to get defensive and attack.
      Again, pull up the one year chart on NG, and notice how this year mirrors last year.
      Pull up a 10 year chart, a 5 year chart, a one year chart, a 3 month chart, a one month chart.
      All will show a down trend.
      Good luck with your NG trading. If you get a bounce tomorrow, sell it, because it is possible for this to go much lower. Wait for a change in the weather.

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      • RAT:

        I called you "rat" because your action like "rat" if not worse. The rat comes in "chewing something and leaving" and leaves nothing nice to other people. I am with this group for months. We lose and win time to time. The fact is you are more like an insect to me. There is no dignity in you. You are not here to help others. You can't fool me. When UGAZ at 19.5s (last Wed), you came and bash about NG. The next day (last Thurs), UGAZ was 20- 21s. Everyone pulled the trigger making money last Thurs. Where were on last Thurs and Fri? Disappearing or hiding in some holes for 2 days? We were here all the time, we got a big hit hard , but we recovered. Some people came in late (Like Green gained 6.5% on one of his holdings). And I was happy for him and did congratulate him on that move. I however didn't think were happy on my move b/c I thought it would be higher. But I did take a smaller profit the next day ($6/5k on 2 trades).

        That is how we are. We make some and lose some. You are different. You are an insect. Don't tell me that you are here to share info. I read your post I understand what you are.

        Anyone wants to add into this?

        Take care,

    • i quit too. we either stick together or die alone. #$%$ _K the troll.

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      • You said, as you hide behind your keyboard:
        " the guy has no business here. he is a stalking troll just causing dissention. he has disrupted the board, and ruined a cohesive group. psychology is paramount to making money, this group
        had been working as such. he is entitled to post picks, but when he belittles peoples calls, that's it. he needs a big punch in the mouth.'
        Ha, ha!
        Now it's violence, is it? Too funny.
        "Ruined a cohesive group"?
        How is that possible if you are cohesive?
        "No business here"?
        I suppose you were invited by the ADI folks to take over THEIR board?
        So you have "business" here, and I don't, on a public message board that you invaded?
        That is self centered you are....and how obtuse your statement was.
        You should take your ball and go home crying to your momma.

      • onedanelectroman,

        Of course, I vote for "be united". Maybe that is what we need on a day like this.

        Take care,

    • Duy,

      I am hurting on UGAZ right now, but I do not want you to stop posting for a week! PLEASE stay with us! They are saying an artic chill coming in next week and that should help us!


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      • yea i guess the whole not posting for a week is kind of lame. He just differs with your opinion. Duy, you have a good track record, that should speak for itself. I have made money trading along side your calls. Ive made money so far from baked's calls as well.

        Maybe if you guys talked to each other respectfully that would solve all the problems.

        Like for instance, Greendrake and I have issues ever since he put a parking cone up my read end, but I still have a civil discussion with him!

    • man UGAZ has to get to 23-24 a share for me to break even! Who cares about 18 at this point, that is a given for tomorrow.

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