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  • b.csky b.csky Jan 11, 2013 10:52 AM Flag


    Duy, you know I respect you... And I really think you have a great record of picking winners. I have one suggestion though, I hope you don't take it the wrong way... I think your timing is a little off, when you share your recommendations. It happened with HA, GMCR, GRPN, now UGAZ... you do pick winners but somehow you start recommending right before their big drops... and I did get stuck with every single one of them above unfortunately :) had I waited and took positions a week after your recommendations in all of them, I'd have double the value of my portfolio since summer.
    is it because you are anxious to be the one calling them first, or something you could work on to perfect your model? I appreciate if you could share your thoughts.

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    • Bob,

      One more thing: Your performance since Summer is nearly the performance in one of my 4 accts. BTW, Great job. That means you followed my posts very closely.

      Take care,

    • Bob,

      Thank you for the input.

      I notice that myself. The problem I see is that we are not controlling this market. MMs are. For example, when we (the little hunters) found something good. We still face big players out there. They could take anything down as low as they wanted. I saw $1 billion cap stocks have been taking down 8-9% before they allow it to takes off. That is why I said trying it small because the available cash will be added when they bring down.

      Agree with you, I need to improve my models. And I correct the models when I see problems or need new criteria. But we are dealing with the guys who have billion dollars in cash. Your play and my play will not affect the movement unless we play smart and diversify avoid mistake. I made mistake too. And no one is perfect in this business. Being consistence will help us in the long run.

      Take care,

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