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  • b.csky b.csky Jan 24, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    Duy vs Bake... UGAZ

    guys, since bunch of us here are heavily invested in it... please stop posting against each other as soon as you see a posting against your liking. Obviously one of you will be dead wrong! So instead of confusing us on the subject and lead us to potential loss, or inhibit us from a potential gain.. Just do whatever you think is right and be quiet.
    with previous record of Duy, I'll go with his call and and still hold my shares and wait for another pop.
    this is not personal, just getting confusing, and affects our decision making which is bothering. Thank you.

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    • You should be making your own decisions anyway, not listening to others. Do your DD and figure it out. It's not that complicated. You are trading the weather. Forecast is for warmer weather in February, which will be end of winter. Pull up one year chart and see what happened last year in March.
      I have nothing against Duy, and it is nothing personal. Just different points of view. We're each entitled to our opinions. It is NOT me against him. That's what markets are: people selling when others are buying. Happens on every trade.
      I think Duy is an excellent trader. I can only post what I think. I am gradually building a short position in UGAZ...100-200 shares per day as winter winds down. Sounds logical to me, and I have been following NG for many years, and have done my due diligence. If opposing viewpoints get you confused, perhaps you are in the wrong business, because there are opposing viewpoints on every trade. Or, you can just put me on ignore. Personally, I like to hear opposing viewpoints. It's always good to know what the other side of the trade is thinking and looking at it from their point of view. He may bring up a point that makes me change my mind. That's what makes markets.
      Again, I have nothing against Duy, despite some unfortunate rhetoric on both sides. Emotion should not be part of trading, but sometimes it's difficult to suppress your emotions. You should be happy to see both sides of the argument, as it should help bring clarity to your decision making.
      Good luck to ALL!

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      • I like hearing your point of view as well, this only about UGAZ, we have heard your point of view already, you have been saying this since it was 18 and now it is 25... Had I listened to you on UGAZ and sold my position then, it d have been a disaster for me and everybody else here... And we all know NG will go down in march, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to predict this. We are only interested in now, next week or 2... So each time Duy posts smth regarding NG you do not post another one just to oppose it, this was the going trend for a while... I find it a little childish to be honest.

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