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  • johnson4730 johnson4730 Jan 30, 2013 10:45 PM Flag

    CLSN - Duy, Danny, Baked

    Watch and see what happens with this one tomorrow morning...

    This is why I want you guys to come to the chat room with me.

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    • i was unsure of the direction, just someone mentioned a "big move" on this stock. So I would do a put/credit spread and hope for the best. The reality though, is that even a put credit spread would have lost you money on both ends. I suppose that goes to show you, stay away from Pharma's. Anyhow I may be changing my yahoo name. My email was spoofed and its sending out a lot of erectile pill notices.

    • sorry for you guys losses. that is a shocker. check insider cow, nothing but insider buys for past 2 years, all higher $. you always say pharma's a gamble. the pr's from yest sounded very positive. i wonder if its a buy at current levels.

    • Drop 80%.

    • I am not familiar with it, but I will check it out now. I tried to get in the chat room the other day, and I was in, but couldn't see anything. I only saw a blank page after registering and logging in. Also, during the trading day,
      I am usually busy trading, watching my positions, etc., so I try to avoid distractions, but I will check it out again when there is a break in the action.
      Today, I caught MBI just at the right moment late in the session and made some good money because I was concentrating on my screen. If I wasn't paying attention every second, I would have missed it. I posted in real time when I shorted 2600 shares of it. I wouldn't post it if it was a company I didn't know about, but it's been on my screen for years, and I trade it short whenever it goes up for no reason:)

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      • I posted this last night, but the message disappeared. The guy pumping this on Seeking Alpha is under investigation for pumping various biotech start ups under multiple aliases. The article on this is @ "the Street"dotcom. You can see it by clicking on "headlines" on the CLSN board. I wish I had known about this yesterday. I would have shorted it. That is why the stock was halted yesterday. Never invest in a stock based on articles on Seeking Alpha. They are 100% corrupt, and should be shut down. Anyone can write articles there. Two years ago, a guy called "Engineer Broker" was pumping Molycorp, saying the share price was going to $1000 or more. This helped pump the share price to $79. It's now $7. You can see my posts about it on the Molycorp board, but you have to go back two years. Seeking Alpha should be shut down.
        They allow any criminal to come on there and disseminate false information. Also, biotech start ups are the most dangerous stocks to gamble on. I stay away from them. I hope this post shows up now.

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