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  • dannynguyen76 dannynguyen76 Feb 21, 2013 12:22 PM Flag

    Where are everyone today?

    Where are everyone today? Any trading today, long/short any stock?

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    • whoa, sorry i looked. my losses have doubled since 11 AM.
      all gains this year wiped out. this is crazy, they give you crumbs then in 4 hrs take away the whole loaf. if they can do this what will happen when the really sequester hits? dec and jan are the only safe time to own stock.

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      • Hold your VXX short. That will come back down. Not much has really changed from yesterday. Still have QE. Fed still pumping 58 billion per month. Just the wording in the Fed minutes from January spooked everone, so they use that as an excuse to take profits. We already knew that at some point interest rates would rise and pumping would ease. So it really wasn't news. Insiders are selling @ 10 to 1 ratio to buying because we were at market top. For months, i have felt more comfortable shorting the pops than buying at these levels. Certain stocks, I have been scalping (selling short intraday) daily. BBRY, BBY, BTU, ANR, CRUS-these stocks tend to be at HOD @ the open or slightly after. You watch for them to turn down, and hit them with a market order and ride them down, then cover. I have been doing it every day. Watch the patterns of those stocks or others that you follow daily, and you will see how they act and the difference between highs & lows. If there's a big spread, you have a winner. That's how you make money in a market like this, IMO. Short the pops. I buy extreme drops when i see them, like LCC yesterday, dropped big for no reason. Just everyone's stops got taken out and it dropped really fast, so i bought it. But, for the most part, I have been scalping short. Some people have an aversion to shorting. I don#$%$ no different than going long. But, you are correct, in most years, most of the profit LONG is made in a couple or three months out of the year. So you short stuff the rest of the year. Now look at VXX, how far down it has come just while I have been typing:)))))

    • Boards been messed up. I haven't been able to post. Had to close it, and open it again. Now working. DDD....I already posted! It's come up a dollar off lows....usually bounces back strong after sell off. That was biggest decliner on my screen that I watch every day. I bought that. PAY looks tempting, but sometimes these type declines sell off for 3 days. Doubt if it will rebound much. DDD, I know it will bounce back from watching it every day.

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