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  • bakedinalready bakedinalready Feb 25, 2013 5:33 PM Flag

    Danny, Call Scottrade About DDD shorts/SEC

    I want to know what they say about circuit breaker. I know I'm correct, but just want to see if they show a "restriction". Ask them about "circuit breaker restriction".

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    • Scottrade referred me to SEC rule 201. The answer is there is no restriction. As long as the broker has share avail to short then you can short it.

      Here there phone Nine 7 two - six six 4 - zero 8 eight 4. You may call them and tell them that you have a "general question" then they will answer your question.

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      • Well, Ameritrade told me;
        1. They had no shares avalable to short.
        2. It 's restricted anyway, so I wouldn't be able to short anyway.
        That's a good reason to have multiple brokers, because, I would like to short DDD, but can't. I posted on the DDD board, and someone on there told me it was restricted. That's when I called Ameritrade to confirm.

        Just so you know I'm not making this stuff up. I still think Whoever you spoke to on Scottrade was mistaken, but maybe it's different if they have shares available, or maybe, they just don't follow the letter of the law, because they make more money by loaning shares to short. Double commission on the same shares.

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