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  • dannynguyen76 dannynguyen76 Mar 8, 2013 10:14 AM Flag

    Summer drought may clobber the Midwest Commentary: ‘Disaster’ for farmers and ranchers, commodities spike seen

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    Did you think last summer was dry? It’s going to get worse.

    On the heels of the worst U.S. drought since the 1950s, long-range weather forecasts are showing that not only will the drought continue, it will intensify.

    Consequences could be disastrous for farming and ranching communities across the Midwest — and lead to another spike in commodities prices should yields again suffer. Read “How droughts will reshape the United States” on The Washington Post.

    The U.S. economy is still only starting to process last year’s drought. On the consumer side, recent government reports confirm that food prices have just begun to rise due to last year’s drought that — at its peak last September — covered nearly two-thirds of the country. Though hot weather and lack of rain caused futures prices for corn and soy to peak at new record highs last August, a lag in the country’s agroprocessing system means consumers — and therefore the broader economy — won’t feel the full brunt of higher supermarket prices for meat, dairy, and grains until later this year. Read USDA report on the 2012 drought.

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    • Cattle drink over half the water in the western U.S. Cattle ranching is the most destructive force in the universe. Eating beef is causing incalculable environmental damage, as the world's forests are being cut down to grow more soy to feed more cattle so Mickey D's can sell more Big Macs. Cattle consume most of the food grain grown in the world. All the fertilizers & pesticides used to grow that grain run off into our oceans, causing algae blooms & pollution on a vast scale, which are destroying our coral reefs and marine life. The transporting of all this grain/fertilizer/pesticides adds enormously to the pollution of our air. Cattle give off methane gas, which is poisonous, and is pouring into our atmosphere. We are allowing cattle to destroy our planet so people can eat steak & burgers.

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