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  • bakedinalready bakedinalready Mar 20, 2013 10:20 AM Flag

    Notice BTU?

    Opens @ HOD within a minute or two of open, then drops 50 cents in a heartbeat.
    This happens over & over, same thing. I've done it umpteen times. ANR also, but doesn't drop as much. Whenever you see BTU pop, knock it back down. Same as BBRY.......

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    • I don't see your replied. I know there was one. Create a new post Bake.

    • Then you cover right away within the same day? My only issue is scottrade limited me 3 roundtrip (buy/sell same day) in a week, then wait at least a week later. So, if I short then I have to hold it for the next day to sell it otherwise I have to use up 3 roundtrip/week rule.

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      • Missing posts again......
        Depends...sometimes I cover same day, sometimes next day. BTU I shorted 3 days ago, but could have done it again this morning. I was short VXX & MPEL coming into today, so covered MPEL @ open, and covered VXX a few minutes in when I stopped out. New shorts today were BBRY, which I do almost every day, and FSLR because I couldn't get SPWR Now FSLR is red for me. Was green a few minutes ago. Not worried though. It's a short squeeze, and will not hold those gains. I will not cover that today unless it really takes off. I don't mind being down 10 or 20 cents, but i won't ever accept a big loss. Almost always use stops. Sometimes they hurt you if you stop out too early, but they also can save you if there is a sudden market move in the wrong direction. I don't see market going much higher than this, and possibility of sharp correction because of Europe still there, IMO.

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