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  • dannynguyen76 dannynguyen76 Mar 21, 2013 2:21 PM Flag

    Baked, SPWR and FSLR

    Are you still holding these shorted yesterday???

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    • I couldn't short SPWR yesterday, remember? No shares, or I would have cleaned up today. Dropped over a dollar from yesterday's high. That's why I was telling you to short it. Covered FSLR this morning first thing. It was down 49 cents in pre-market, but when market opened, it started climbing, so I covered. Was going to try to short SPWR again today, but I went long BBRY & short VXX instead. Already stopped out of BBRY long position. Every day I have been shorting it. Today I decided to go long and MMs stole my shares on a stop out, when it was a penny away from my stop. No matter, I should have stuck with the program, and shorted it from it's high instead of trying to go long. I have been doing this almost every day for 3 months. I'm up $23 on my scalps, 30-50 cents at a time, and over a dollar a few times. Adds up to $23 gain, more than any long can possibly make. RIMM/BBRY is the greatest trading stock ever. It has always followed this pattern for years. When it pops up, day trading shorts jump on it and knock it down. You could make a living just trading that to the short side every day. Just have to watch it pop, and hit it with a market order when it turns down. Watching the trendline, and Level II orders is critical. When there is an imbalance on the sell side, sell short with market order, and watch it drop. Even if you only make 30 cents, it adds up if you do 1000-5000 shares at a time. 1000 shares X 30 cents=$300 X 5 days a week=$1500 a week, $6000 a month. That's if you just make 30 cents. Sometimes it's much more than that, and the few times it doesn't work don't even matter. Keep a buy stop 15 cents above your entry, and the most you can lose is $150.

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