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  • onedanelectroman onedanelectroman Mar 22, 2013 11:11 AM Flag


    last week it plummeted below 7.5, look at it now. i tried to buy in the ah at 7.45, but they didn't fill me. i got distracted and never upped my price, this was due to them showing over 10k shares @7.45 when i entered my order, i figured it would fill. this shows my lack of discipline, you simply cannot miss these opportunities when they occur. got to give credit to baked, he is the most focused person i have seen, and his performance success shows this. anyway, my point is arna is a great stock for trading, but you need to watch it. duy has some great ones also ha, xco, have been phenomenal. dgaz should be a good one too.

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    • I have had ARNA on my screen for years, but took it off about a month ago. These biotechs are just too crazy for me. You never know what's going to happen next. Bottom can fall out at any time due to FDA. You may know that ARNA is one of the stocks recommended by Joe Granville, a popular newsletter writer. He also recommended BCRX & DNDN. What you might not know, is that he is a convicted, armed bank robber. Yes, that's right! He stuck up a bank with a shotgun years ago, and was caught & convicted. Since then, he has found it is easier to steal money by selling people his stock picks. He often focuses on biotechs. The Granville Market Letter is at the bottom of the Hulbert Financial Digest's rankings for performance over the past 25 years - having produced average losses of more than 20 percent per year on an annualized basis. He is a carnival barker.
      I would stay away from anything he recommends, although even a blind squirrel finds a nut on occasion:)
      I also took BCRX off my screen, since you can't short it anymore.....

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