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  • dannynguyen76 dannynguyen76 Mar 25, 2013 1:03 PM Flag

    Where are everyone today?

    Are you guys still alive???

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    • Barely.....I got up for pre-market to cover BBRY short, set a stop on my CRUS short, shorted SPWR, and went back to bed. Wasn't feeling well. Anyway, woke up @ 3 P.M., just in time to see the VIX spike, so I shorted 1500 VXX. Was going to buy DGAZ, but decided to wait and then overslept. That was a no-brainer this morning the way they've been taking profits quickly, same pattern last few days. It keeps snowing but winter has to end sometime. Fourth week in March & still snowing. Nobody could have predicted that. Should have held my DGAZ, but I'm a trader, and I use stops. When something drops, I am out. Anyway, as I typed this, VXX has dropped almost 20 cents, so that's good for me. Whole banking center looking weak because of tiny little Cyprus. All this over $5 billion. Some billionaire could have bailed them out. Russia made a big mistake by not bailing them out, IMO. It would have been much cheaper for them to bail out Cyprus than the money they are going to lose if banks there fail.

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