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  • bakedinalready bakedinalready Apr 2, 2013 2:42 PM Flag

    Look @ CRUS, BTU, SPWR........

    My regular shorts. I didn't short them today again because they seemed to have bottomed. But no. They fell much lower! CRUS down a dollar off it's high, despite AAPL rally. SPWR down another 60 cents on a 100 point up day. And BTU, down as always, 40 cents from it's high on a 100 point up day. I swear, if you just play those three stocks + BBRY, you can get rich shorting the pops.
    At least I got BBRY, BBY, MBI, MPEL, HIMX. Sold CLF in pre-market for a small profit, and meant to go short, but got involved in other things and it got away from me. I love these big up days. Stocks get squeezed upwards, and you just wait for the turn and slam them.
    Anyway, good day for me. Won every trade out of 7. Sold BBRY in pre-market, then sold it short @ $15.40, and stopped out of DGAZ. Got MPEL, BBY, & BBRY @ their highs. I am holding all these shorts until at least tomorrow, as I expect a sell off day. Only covered MBI.

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    • What's up with CRUS? Drop every day...

      • 1 Reply to dannynguyen76
      • Shorts are taking it down. Been going on for years. Remember I said I used to trade only CRUS? Now you know why. You can make a living just trading CRUS, or, selling short the "pops", every day. It only runs up before earnings, then sells off, if earnings are good or bad. There are always shares of CRUS to short. Never have seen a problem getting them, same as RIMM/BBRY. I see AAPL sold off after big rally, so that explains CRUS big fall, as it was going up this morning, early. Might be a good buy here just to sell tomorrow. It does look oversold. I think you can catch a bounce here, if you want, @ 21.23. AAPL turning up.....but CRUS so weak, hard to get behind it.

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