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  • duydinh_t duydinh_t Jun 18, 2014 11:12 AM Flag

    Danny, you asked me questions: Why I am bullished on Gold and Silver?

    If you looked at the latest inflation report, you should understand it. Now, look back to the history of my calls. I am likely early than many out there. Remember airline sector. I called DAL when it was at 9.50/sh. Now you see it.

    Gold and silver will hit record in 2015. We will see it.

    Do you know how much that the Fed is holding right now? I believe latest report showed 29Trillion dollars. The market can't stay at this level. If you are smart, you should take action now.

    Take care,

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    • Gold is trading around its two-month highs but legendary technical analyst John Bollinger thinks the run has only just begun.
      Bollinger is the inventor of “Bollinger bands,” a popular technical tool that charts price relative to recent movements. The price of the asset—be it a stock or commodity or whatever—is considered high if it’s on the upper band and low if it’s on the lower band.
      In an interview with “Talking Numbers,” Bollinger uses the bands to explain why he thinks gold will go higher. But, he doesn’t just use them on gold. Instead, he is also looks at charts of gold miner stocks for signals as well.
      Bollinger sees a lot of back-and-forth movement over the past few years in the world’s largest gold-tracking fund. “If you look at the chart you can see we’ve just finished a really long decline,” said Bollinger. “It started in April of 2011 and really ended in May of last year. That sort of epic ‘backing and forthing’… has existed since then. We call this building a base…. There’s a lot of bullishness building up.”

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      • Buy miners. Why? There is so much cash in the market. But at -2.9%, big players understand that the market is in steroid. This will not last. Most people will reduce (if not yet already) their involvement in the market. They will pull their asset out of the system. What next is considered? Bonds or gold?

        If gold, silver will run twice the speed of gold. Miners will run 3x of gold.

        Yes, I studied the chart and we have 2 resistant levels (1368 and 1380). If we break 1430, it will be 1680.

        Thing what you can make on NUGT when gold at 1600s.

        I said we will see 100s NUGT at least.

        Take care,

    • and yet another bash at gold, usually means it goes higher=
      "There is underlying support from the geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, but with Wall Street near record highs, risk appetite looks strong and that is hurting gold," said a precious metals trader in Hong Kong.

      "Without strong demand either from the physical markets or from exchange-traded funds, the gold rally is not going to last."

      Traders said physical demand across Asia has been subdued as many expect gold prices to fall further.

    • On Friday, the yellow metal was trading around $1,307, having lost $11 in morning trade.

      While the Federal Reserve's more-dovish-than-expected tone coupled with escalating tensions in the Middle East contributed to gold's recent jump, it was largely driven by short covering, say commodity strategists.

      "For gold, I think the behavior of the price move suggests it was largely short-covering. The U.S. dollar was a little weaker overnight, but also U.S. treasury yields moved higher, which would usually see gold lower. This makes me think it was an isolated move,"

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      • NUGT:

        If it breaks above 44s today, we will see 48s within 2 days. If you want to make 10% trading it. Now it is the time.

        Take care,

      • Shorts do not cover $107.8B within 15 minutes. I understand their trades. The volume was 8.2Million ounces being bought at the ask price. Yeah, yeah... Someone bought someone else sold... But it went up 3% in that day. This meant someone wanted it badly.

        As you know these big players' mentality they never commit all at one time. They will come back and get more. I suspect it will happen again on Tues or Wed.

        Take care,

    • Spot gold XAU= was enjoying the view at $1,314.56 an ounce having climbed 3.3 percent overnight in the sharpest gain since last September.

      Traders also said a major hedge fund had cut back a large short position in the precious metal which pushed prices above $1,300 an ounce and tripped a host of stop-loss buy orders.

    • my problem is i don't know when i have a winner. i usually sell 10%, esp spikes. ok i will get uslv today, since it has not run up like nugt. but holding against decay of 3X etf's seems very risky over a year period. what do you say about decay? if the market crashes, gold and silver will go right with it. and fed is threatening raise rate because of inflation. what about uvxy, i have NEVER made a cent with that one, because of huge decay. please elaborate your thots here, thank you.

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      • I noticed in the recent history, any rally on gold & silver miners are the early signal for actual metals rally especially when they are oversold. Therefore I have positioned myself at GG and SLV. I've sold GG options with 187% gain, and it's continuing its movement up, maybe I sold early but, I've been burnt by not taking the profits especially YTD.

        SLV has been very kind recenty, I'm well up on my position, I see it rallying up to 19.70 level, will consider start taking profits at some point.

      • Acev7071,
        Many were shorting UVXY as you can imagine. I am guessing about 75% of outstanding shares if not more are naked shorts. Now, it will take time for shorts to realize what they did was below the normal curve. And they will pay for that. Oh, yes. Some people keep shorting it without understand it.

        The likely scenario for it to jump 20% is possible. This is when the market drop 275 pt in 2 days in the roll. Let's talk about something out of control as well. The Fed is so invested in the market (at US $29T), I think that will happen when people wake up one day and find out the Fed loses the privilege of printing the dollars without backup of security. At the moment, gold will run.

        The only I still can not figure out is how long (exactly) should it be for that to happen. I can ensure you that the day is closer.

        Take care,

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