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  • xfabgrunt xfabgrunt Aug 17, 1998 6:21 AM Flag

    Great company?

    Traders may consider ADI a great company, but a
    great stock does not make a great company.

    of the layoffs have been based on petty

    Unethical behavior within the Wilmington facility does not
    neccessarily result in a layoff. Recent events:

    2 fab
    techs were caught by their supervisor while they were
    on-line looking at numerous pornography sites. One of
    them has a mother who is a high level manager.
    information I heard was that they were not laid-off.

    Moslem tech complained about being invited to watch what
    he termed as a pornographic movie that a supervisor
    was showing in a conference room. The tech group
    drove him off.

    My manager screamed at me at the
    top of his lungs and pounded on his desk and issued
    all kinds of foul language. 2 members of his staff
    just sat there with their heads bowed like whipped
    dogs. The next day an engineer who had heard the
    motivational speech, suggested that I go to personnel. I did
    not. The man lost his temper and I was willing to let
    it go.
    Now who's the fool.

    Having worked
    in a wafer fabs for many years my first loyalty is
    SAFETY first. I look out for the people on the floor and
    the companies material assets. Loyalty to a self
    serving manager is a lower priority. This attitude cost
    me my job.

    I have had my say and will now
    move on with my life and pursue employment with an
    organization that values employees who look out for the
    interests of the company.

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