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  • india_me india_me Sep 10, 1998 4:33 PM Flag

    Stock Buyback 2

    ADI has a lot of smart engineers and to retain
    them they will HAVE to reset the stock option plan. To
    support this they have to buyback their stock--a great
    investment for ADI regardless of the option plan. So at sub
    $15 how can you go wrong.
    Between winning in xDSL,
    modems, DSP and let's not forget the linear engine--this
    is a bargain.

    • From:

      Analog Devices (ADI) is another one of those badly
      beaten down second tier stocks offering good long-term
      Stock up nearly 8% yesterday to 17... Best part -
      not much overhead resistance until the 21-22 area...
      As long as
      market/industry tone improves, stock
      likely to keep climbing.

    • Does anybody know what the potential business is for being selected by ASND? It looks very good push for ADI, which already in the bullish run.

    • RAS DSP for Voice-over-IP Processing

      Industry leader chooses ADI's high-density,
      scaleable DSP-based
      flexible gateway for Internet-based

      NORWOOD, Mass., Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Analog
      Devices, Inc. (NYSE: ADI)
      today announced Ascend
      Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: ASND), selected
      ADSP-21mod870 single-chip, remote access server (RAS) digital
      signal processor
      (DSP), as the Voice over IP (VoIP)
      Gateway Processor for its MultiVoice for
      the Max
      communications platform.
      Ascend is utilizing ADI's
      single-chip, open-platform DSP, which
      industry-leading, on-chip memory and port density, to maximize
      ports per
      chassis, deliver multiple Quality of
      Service (QoS) levels including Absolute
      QoS for toll
      quality voice over IP, and develop future
      communications, such as phone-to-PC, Web-to-phone and
      Based on Ascend's MAX 6000 remote access
      concentrators, MultiVoice for the
      MAX provides an interface
      between the PSTN (public switched telephone
      and IP (Internet Protocol) network. The ADSP-21mod870
      bridges the voice-based
      continuous connection switched
      network and the data-based IP network. The
      large, on-chip memory enables fast contact switching to
      take place in
      real time, allowing Ascend to deliver
      optimum QoS levels for low-distortion,
      echo-free and
      delay-free conversations over the Internet.
      "The MAX
      6000 is the actual link between the PSTN and the
      network," said Jose Garcia, Ascend Product Manager. "ADI's
      gateway processors
      are the ideal platform for this
      critical interconnection. In addition, the
      single-chip RAS DSP is the best in its class for power
      and density. These characteristics, along with ADI's
      extensive experience as
      a telecomm DSP supplier, made
      the choice an obvious one."

    • I see that ADI took a charge related to wafertech, but didn't give any further details. The report made it seem like it was not a planned expense. Does anybody know the reasons for the charge?

    • Got this email today:....However I don't
      put much faith in an Analysts view! If the
      are hiring operators, techs, and engineers it's
      even better sign.

      Thanks for the hearsay
      rroach50. Someone can only
      dispute it. Got to find out
      what's up somehow.
      Or make a good guess.

      the text is mixed up

      >Semiconductor Market
      is Bottoming Out, Will
      >Rebound in 1999,
      NationsBanc Montgomery Securities
      Analysts Tell Investors
      >1998--One of the most
      brutal downturns in the history of the
      >industry is starting to bottom out, setting the stage for
      a rebound during
      >1999, according to the
      analysts who follow the industry for
      >Montgomery Securities (NMS). CONTINUED...

      I had to
      cut the post here. Message too long..iceng.
      full post should be out there.

    • whatever.

    • 1) ADI's ATE business has hurt the company's
      earnings dramatically in the last 2 quarters.ATE has gone
      from 9%
      of total sales during last year's fiscal 4Q
      to about 4%. These
      chips are among ADI's highest
      margin products. Reportedly, Teradyne (half of ADI's
      business) has stopped giving new orders.
      2)It appears to
      me that the main problem with DSP's
      is the
      complete failure of ADI to penetrate TXN's business
      the top-tier handset companies(e.g. Nokia & Ericson).
      mainly hearsay but I understand that ADI is seriously
      getting-out of handset DSP's.Although successful in the
      wireless base station business, selling to Ericson and
      other telecom infrasturcture companies, they have been
      suffering here from
      the slowdown in Asia.
      Comparing the IBD earning's ratings of Analog, Linear,
      Maxim can lead to misleading conclusions. As I
      understand it,
      IBD takes the latest 2 quarters of results
      and averages them with
      the past 5 years.
      Therefore, one bad quarter-like ADI's last one-
      disproportionately affect ratings. More importantly, ADI
      in a bad light because of the varying product mixes
      the companies. For example, one of the best areas of
      the semi-
      conductor business during the past year
      has been power management. This area accounts for
      roughly 50% of Linear's sales
      but only a small % of
      Analog's revenue. Consequently, Linear's
      results look
      superior for the latest time period. Meanwhile,
      an ADI
      area of specialty, the aforementioned ATE segment,
      dragging their results lower. If Linear were gaining
      market share
      in ADI's dominant data converter
      business, there would be more
      grounds for concern.
      Indeed, Burr-Brown is arguably doing just

    • I didn't mean that much! "Fine
      perhaps. I agree we don't want any
      "threshing about".
      ADI need to ensure
      they have the competition taped
      where its absolutely necessary. What I'd
      call the
      real "Mission Critical" issue.
      (I would have
      thought Year 2000 compliance
      would be a no brainer for
      a semi company?
      Perhaps it's VAX system

    • A "vertical market segment" is one where they
      control every aspect from bottom to top. For example if
      you are an oil company, you would be vertical if you
      owned oil wells, refineries, and gas stations.

      I think ADI is stretching the definition a bit to
      mean concentrating on a particular application for DSP
      to provide DSP software and DSP chips specially
      adapted to that application. I guess they feel they can
      make higher profits by making DSP chips which fit a
      specific market very well rather than just making general
      purpose DSP chips they try to fit all applications

      As to reviewing their strategy, I hope they don't do
      that every day. They would be wasting a lot of time
      and effort by changing their direction every time the
      winds changed. Motorola has started and stopped
      building a $billion fab in VA twice, not a good use of
      money or time.

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