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    I did not expect ADI to get an upgrade this fast.
    I am very pleased.

    OFF Topic: my friend who
    gave me ADI just told me to load up on

    Good luck and I am still holding ADI great great

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    • I told you guys to watch these stocks. See previous post. I am on a roll.

    • regarding CLAI. Did ever look at NAMC? Could it be something serious in works? Somebody is methodically accumulating this stock.
      Best regards,

    • ADI is misbehaving again,so what's new.
      actualy got arround FIBR and SPYG, but I was
      concentrating on Ciena all week, until today when I sold with
      20 run ups, and I might regret it, just kidding I
      don't regret anything except instances where I might
      have offended someone,and even those are very rare.
      I'm greatful today the moment I was able to get up,
      walk, and even have a cup of coffee and the stock
      market is just part of the
      fun. Have a wonderful
      week end.

    • I got you beat, but it's still time to get in.
      See my old post! I mentioned these stocks awhile
      back. Also check the charts and all the old news on
      these companies. Good luck! I hope Zerox doesnt screw
      up high-tech tomorrow. The news came out at 4:01pm
      about their lousy earnings surprise this quarter. They
      missed their # by 40%

    • My vote for stock most likely to quadruple in the
      next 4 months. CLAI. If you go to their
      homepage and see the professionalism of what they offer
      and that there is nobody but them at this point doing
      what they do on the Net, you'll see why I'm willing to
      gamble on this. Medical claims. Multi-billion $dollar
      industry processing $billions in claims in a scattered
      non-centralized way on thousands of office manager service
      centers around the U.S. Enter the Internet - where it's
      all nationally centralized through an application
      service provider, done in real time, and eventually
      hooked up to every hospital and pharmacy in the U.S. in
      real time. I think that this is where Claimsnet is
      heading, and they are a brand-new, unheard-of, IPO,
      bleeding cash (too!). Sounds perfect to me?

    • I'm not sure what to say to you. If the
      inevitable happens - a selloff - ADI looks like its primed
      to participate. In that case, I'd say 60 minimum is
      where I'd look to buy in. I'm probably covering here,
      because like I said in my previous posts, I've never been
      a homerun hitter. 12% for a week's work is good
      enough for me. I think ADI is a great company - just a
      little ahead of itself here.

      My undervalued semi
      picks are KLIC (@33-35. Not now) and SIPX (dsp's. Maybe
      now), and GNSS (flast screens). I'm into BBY (long)
      presently and regretting every minute of it. I like to buy
      low and I guess I got my wish.

      I also own
      RMBS which looks very interesting at precisely this
      moment. It looks like the long-awaited and long-disgusted
      RD-RAM is actually beginning to happen and the
      announcements are rolling out. Samsung just said they are going
      to double their output of it next year to 20% of
      their total. Royalties, royalties. Now, one day off its
      lows. It's been this low 7 times in the last year and
      each time it went back up to at least 90. Twice it
      went to 120 - and that was with just smoke and mirrors
      talk. This time it looks for real. I can't tell you how
      many people have been screwed on this stock. After the
      CC yesterday one company bought huge at the open,
      rocking the stock up to 74, another dumped 276,000 shares
      in the last minute to bring it down to 66. Welcome
      to RMBS. I guess they'd heard all the "promises"
      one-too-many-times before and were unwilling to wait any

      Last, but not least, CMTN, a stock whose float has
      increased from 4ML to 30ML in the last 7 weeks. HUGE
      current earnings and earnings potential, none of which is
      in the stock at its price. Has lagged the entire
      market. Most targets on it are big.


      My motto: Always remain long on stocks (Just as long
      as they work for you and not a minute longer).

    • level would you go back in, because it will be
      the chance to double up please tell me your numbers.
      I just did that with a
      stock that now everyone
      revealed that it's linked to Linux, well I gave you ADIers
      the name few days ago, and now it's going up.
      Mctrombone I hope you got in at 12.5 it's now
      14+. Good

    • All I have to say is that if you don't cover
      before the end end of the year, you are making a huge
      y2k bet.

      If y2k turns out to be a non-event, I
      predict there will be a huge January rally.

      If y2k
      turns out to be a big deal, you might do quite
      well...assuming there is a NYSE after the riots!

    • Up 9 pts and counting. May even cover here. You guys still think this is a great long position?

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