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  • leroy602 leroy602 Oct 19, 2000 4:15 PM Flag

    In my best Andy Rooney impression....

    "Did ya ever wonder where the spammers come from?
    I know I sure don't. Do they actually think we'll
    click to their sites and buy their services? It makes
    me think that spammers don't get the internet and

    On to more serious topics <WINK>.... What
    happened to the love fest discussions between Genius and
    Surewin? Granite, I think you called it first as the spam
    recommendation it was. Very insightful!

    I am a happy
    camper today. Thank you ADI!

    Good luck to


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    • She had a stealth post on this board within the
      last couple of weeks:

      ADI, ELNT, LLTC,
      MCRL and MXIM
      by: linear_girl
      10/10/00 1:47
      Msg: 8641 of 9078

      < From a relative
      strength perspective it appears that ELNT is outpacing
      ADI, LLTC, MCRL and MXIM.

      Can anyone here that
      follows the analog sector please comment on why ELNT has
      been performing so strongly relative to its peers?

    • Glad you're back! I was worried you gave up after
      the INTC plunge...but looks like Intel is in rebound
      mode (let's hope!) You might want to sell off SOME of
      your ADI soon, as it's going up. Why not sell off in
      small installments on the ascent?

    • Thanks for the recall on the lineargirl
      situation...I hope she resurfaces w/ some details that are
      CONSTRUCTIVE. I agree about ADI's board being relatively
      non-piggy (though cal/hal/sal's sickening AIDS jokes/gay
      bashing is disturbing, to say the least). Also agree that
      ADI is fantastic to own long-term. I don't think I
      even carry a cost basis anymore: Invested $1,000 in
      1977 through employee stock purchase plan. Have
      enjoyed several splits and have sold off several shares
      through the years, still hold a nice chunk. My only real
      regret: Not buying on the dips (and there have been some
      wild ones, way down to single digits in the 1980s!)
      IMHO, hold as much as you can through next 18 months,
      or so.

    • Concerninig Lineargirl, I also felt she was
      knowledgeable and she had some inside information (her
      boyfriend or something...)
      is too bad that she doesn't
      post here anymore. I think it would be very intersting
      to know about this famous deal that Jerry evoked in
      august, also what is the impact of the collaboration with
      Intel (products were supposed to be announced in second
      half 2000...)
      Like Kat, my average per share value
      is below $1, and I would like to make a decision,
      should I follow Jutt, sit tight, or run with my
      money...I am a little nervous. In 1995 I sold some ADI
      shares and i bought some Intel (best two companies in
      Analog and Digital world) but Intel was slashed in two
      and I don't want to see ADI fall to $30. (this could
      happen in ligth of the present global environment.
      am glad to see all the old posters back.

    • I remember when I submitted my profile the first
      time, I had clicked on female. Then, around March
      (before the tech-wreck), I went back to the very
      beginning of ADI's message board & found the attack on
      lineargirl. Talk about far as I could see she was
      asserting some negative but sincerely realistic ADI
      business issues, only to be surrounded by sharks. The
      stuff said to her may have sounded "harmless" to some
      of the boys, but apparently lineargirl didn't
      appreciate them saying they "wanted to get horizontal" w/
      her...Can you really blame her for swimming away? Anyway, I
      think that's when I changed my profile to "no answer"
      on ALL the basic demographics: Might seem evasive
      now, but felt self-protective at the time.

    • I actually FEEL a lot like Burl Ives these days,
      though I hope to hell I don't look like him! (No offense
      to the many Burl Ives groupies out there.) You're
      right, though, I am pretty scholarly around the
      edges...that's my excuse for being a basically lucky but
      unscientific investor.

    • Who are "no answer" folks? Did I unknowingly dodge a question somewhere along the line? (P.S. I guess there's really no "rest" for the weary!)

    • Well, Profpeartree, that just goes to show how
      false an image the mind can ceate from a made-up name
      and a few posts. My mind conjured up a scholarly
      Burle Ives picture for you. Now I am going to have to
      trash that and start all over. Any hints?


    • FYI: You can allude to me as she/her too.

    • Rosie,
      Perhaps I was a bit harsh.
      you did show up at about the same time as genius and
      surewin, and I did say you ask naive questions for a
      stockholder since '81.
      As a long time holder I am
      surprised you thought buying at 77 was a good deal, when as
      of late 60 is a good deal.
      ADI is notorious for
      delayed openings and Halts at open due to order

      Sorry if this board seems a little rude to new posters.

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