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  • ST_CFA ST_CFA Dec 8, 1998 4:00 PM Flag

    To whoever may be interested...I am chan

    As a courtesy to the existing posters of this
    board, I would like to notify you that I am changing my
    alias from ST_CFA to SmallCapValueHound. I am the same
    person, just changing the alias.

    I will not use
    the ST_CFA alias any



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    • NETS summary. Check out its board. Sorry about
      the hype. I just bought in SPNSF today! I really
      think this is a deal or other wise I would not post
      So I'm not spamming.

      I'm very impressed with
      the management team and the company's strategy in
      serving the limitless potential of the college community.
      There's no doubt that experienced management is key in
      all industries, but perhaps most important with
      regards to the Internet which is moving at warp speeds.
      The advantage of NETS management team is clear to me:
      1) they come from the major areas of the Internet
      (e-commerce, hardware, software, and portal through Lycos,
      Netscape, Bay Networks, Object Design...) 2) they have been
      at the forefront of the Internet in their other
      endeavors 3) their experience and success gives them
      knowledge of what works well on the Internet and where to
      put resources to work, and 4) they obviously believe
      that NETS is the future, otherwise they would have
      remained at their previous companies. This management has
      to give investors long-term

      Second is NETS target audience and strategy. Most of us
      have been to college and understand the enormous
      potential a product or service which can serve this market.
      I know that I have personally stayed up many nights
      with my college friends (then and now) thinking of
      products which could tap into this community.
      Unfortunately, I haven't invented anything yet. But NETS looks
      like the best idea that I have researched to date.
      Why? Because the company already has the
      infrastructure in place (college billboards, HotStamp postcards
      and college newspaper) which can be used to advertise
      not only their own websites and services, but other
      partners' services. It's the perfect vehicle to increase

      Furthermore, college students don't use AOL or other ISP
      services. Each university is part of the original Internet
      backbone. Students log-on through the university and then
      surf wherever they want to go. College services
      (ordering textbooks, bidding for classes, career job
      search...)are separate from the Internet link. NETS proposed
      website (Commonplaces) can aggregate the best/most
      popular college websites and link ecommerce services with
      the college services (mentioned above)of each
      university at one website. In essence, a one-stop shop for
      college students. This is a terriffic idea and the
      management of NETS can make this a reality.

    • LHP, The company always has a conference call
      when earnings are announced. Usually they announce on
      a monday or tuesday. In the 3rd quarter conference
      call, there was talk of a least 2 possible significant
      contracts for Euro-conversion work. One has been announced
      about 2 weeks ago. This division of Sapiens is expected
      to be big.

      Remember,,,,, non y2k and
      euro-conversion business grew by 33%.

      4th Earnings
      consensus estimate is 0.16
      Estimated reporting date is

    • Do you know of any details concerning possible up-coming
      contracts? In addition, do you know when earnings are

      Most grateful,


    • I thought I was on the 'discussions elsewhere'

      I'm sorry. I know that:

      1. You pay a lot more
      than to use these message boards.
      2. The volume on
      this board is so great right now that I am

      slowing down the system.
      3. My precursor "I
      apologize...just hit next message button" was
      not sufficient.

      Is that how you introduce potential investors to
      this stock?

      C'mon guy, have a heart...its

    • please hold your discussions elsewhere.

      go SPNSF !!!!!!!!!

    • Please bare with me on this one, folks.
      Non-ex-MALLites just hit 'next message'. I apologize for taking
      up space on this board.

      I was away for 1
      week (IPO week) with no phones/internet/tv, etc. and
      my worst nightmare happened.

      When I finally
      got access to a phone (IPO day) MALL was at 29. I put
      a stop in a 60 before I left, but it didn't happen
      (I didn't wait long enough to hear the error message
      on the automated trading system). What made this so
      painful was that I had counted on the stop and mentally
      spent every dime of the profits (lesson learned). I was
      crushed. Doubling my investment was no comfort, when it
      had been quadruple+.

      I was so disgusted, I
      gave up stocks for good. All this was too much for a

      I think I may have a problem. I couldn't resist. I
      have now gathered enough courage and capital to make
      my sophomore play. Possibly SPNSF? Time for some

      I too have changed my name from retiringat30 to
      retiringat31 as a reminder of my 'minor setback' in

      Thanks to all for continued guidance and support.

    • Hi. I'd rather not post about MANU on this board,
      but just for you....
      I'm not posting over there
      because I don't have much to say. I think most of the
      people over on that board are bitterly holding on to
      stock they bought at the $40-50 level, but they are
      more familiar with the company and its history than I.
      I bought in at about 12 a few months back, and some
      more at 10.5 this week. There's crazy talk about a
      takeover bid, but I doubt that will pan out. I'm hesitant
      to make any short term predictions on this one, but
      I think in the intermediate term, $20+ is a fair
      bet just on earnings. More if this takeover stuff is
      for real.

      The people over on the MANU board
      seem frustrated by a lot a false starts and the
      inability to gain any momentum. There's a few RTQ watchers
      over there (as I know from MALL, the RTQers are the
      real nervous, or real excitable investors. I should
      know, I was one of them, until I sold half my MALL
      position at a slight loss this week to get off margin. The
      good night's sleep was worth it to me. Now I'm just
      chillin' and waiting it out. But it was at 60!
      I think the MANUites are mostly just
      frustrated because they're stuck with $40 stock. But,
      barring any major management screw-ups, I think this
      company has a fairly good chance of doubling or more
      within 6 months. They just need to quit disappointing
      with their earnings and stay away from bad news for a
      while. This was once a $60 stock and it can probably get
      back there. And I think the upward movement will start
      sooner rather than later. However, that's just my hunch.
      This one is tricky to valuate because they still seem
      to be suffering from the big expense last May, so
      the numbers I usually like to crunch say to stay way.
      But I believe in the sector, and the company's growth
      potential. I believe they will turn a profit in the near

      I'd be happy to hear your thoughts over on the MANU
      board. I think they could use some fresh blood.

      - Sane

    • Do you post on the Yahoo manu board? I read some today, but didn't see your name. Think it'll pop Monday? How hi? Gillian.

    • Makes me wish I knew what the hell I was talking about.....

      - Sane

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