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  • cliffbanger86 cliffbanger86 Dec 20, 2011 12:50 PM Flag


    The beauty is the company should be repurchasing shares for awhile due to volume restrictions. The market cap is simply too low for this company. It may not be worth 410 right now (market cap of 4125Mm), but it sure as hell is worth more than $36MM. Something over $5 is reasonable ($60MM)

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    • These guys are going to have to earn their way back into the good graces of the market. Too many years running on empty for buyers to bid it up. Hopefully this next year they gain some traction.

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      • It helps that the company apparently is starting to see the light as to shareholder values. The share repurchase is a start. Insider buying is nice. PR about performance during this holiday season is nice. Now they need to continue building on the momentum going on inside the operations. The outside IR firm has to bring greater research coverage to the table. The company has to do everything to get new clients to allow PR's to be issued. We are virtually certain Kraft and L'oreal are clients, but no one knows for sure and the investing public operates on facts not suspicions in the longer term.

        The shares will get bid up to the 45 range simply due to valuation. It simply is too low here and but for the distribution occurring the past several weeks, it would still be around that $5 level. The kicker would be performance and confidence in the market itself.

        This one given only 12.5MM shares o/s can go much higher.

        Demandware IPO will help as well. Still believe something could go on there.

        PFSW continually states its infrastructure alone is worth $100MM ($8/share). Well that needs to be supported somehow and it is up to IR and the company to get the message out. Common sense says the infrastructure gets positively leveraged at a certain revenue scale and it appears that is rapidly approaching.

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