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  • cliffbanger86 cliffbanger86 Dec 22, 2011 6:00 PM Flag

    News on Kraft...soon also from PFSWeb?

    Looks like Kraft is getting ready to roll in January. Now the question is when does a formal announcement get made on the relationship between Kraft and PFSweb? A few brands have already been launched.

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    • Stock cannot move up before Layton reloads his options along with other insiders; we should expect to see pricing at these basement prices then a ton of news to lift share price in 2012, they [insiders] want to make a bundle on this company over and over!

      wish someone would come in buy clean house and run PFSw like a real compny!

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      • I sure agree with you that someone should run this Company like a real Company.

        Its like wait their going to announce a major name Company, "watch the stock will pop" Starbucks, " wow " stock goes down...wait its another name "Oreal" just signed them up and what happens....down
        Now its Kraft..."so what". Why so what because no one knows what any of this means to the bottom line and if you do not know that then how do you value the Company?

        The Company does not project or forecast any numbers....we hear how wonderful Carters is doing, but that does not seem to mean anything as to the price of PFSW ...does it translate to greater earnings for PFSW? Probably not, all it means is that PFSW does a good job and other Companies follow suit, sign up, but there must be thousands of Companies doing web commerce....

        What I am asking is "how do you know when an announcement means something with respect to an increase in earnings...true bottom line profit!

        If this Company is the "diamond in the rough", then how come no one has found it and bought in and driven the price up...or why hasn't Amazon or Ebay just gobbled it up for its unfrastructure?....did anyone ever hear someone at the Company say it would costs tens of millions of dollars to just get into business.....Please help me understand the financials and if management does not own any stock and can't get additional options down here...why are they hanging around, just to earn a salary?

      • the only problem with your post is the execs do not make a bundle on options. there were 80K of options which jut expired at 4.28. The average exercise price of existing options is 4.54. The compan is restricted to issuing only so many options given the number of shares o/s.

        Everyone thought the rice would stay down below 2.30 and cheap options would be issued. Not so. The execs need to file a Form 4 within a few days when new options are issued.

        There were still some blocks flasjing on level 2 today at and around 3. Blocks had been flashing at 2.95 and that was finally taken out today. With any luck 3 is taken out tomorrow. Next week could see a decent rise as well if the sellers are indeed done as of tomorrow. If you did not sell by now or by the end of the year, you are nuts to sell in early 2012 as the company is only gaining strength and why take a tax loss then. Very few are sitting on meaningful gains of any significant shares at this level. Only people who bought in last few weeks and those are mainly stronger hands.

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