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  • pricecycles pricecycles Feb 9, 2012 9:56 AM Flag

    Bashers work for MMs and their buddies

    When they want to accumuluate..they want it alap. MM & buddies manipulate the PPS down then sell to their buddy buyers for a profit..usually at prices below bagholder PPS. Then on good news they run the price up and sell below bagholder average PPS...repeat...repeat. They depend on sucker bagholders like me..unless bagholder gets smart and work in front of them...and those are very few..and usually just lucky. One group has inside info...the other doe not. If bagholder gets really lucky and holds really longterm..and company really starts rolling in the dough..then bagholder makes nice profit...but not as much as inside info traders.

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    • They should put Willoughby on the board!!!Layton does not want him on...only his own croonies

    • Willoughby is a man of character and integrity. Maybe too nice before, but he has the message now with running a public company. Shareholders are in solid hands with him.

    • Maybe...just maybe Layton steps down and Willoughby becomes chairman....than you must admit you would double your position...Layton needs to do something to help shareholders..get on the phone, tell the story, get the excitement of the growth of this company out to the investment community...I mean who can't find one analyst besides the one that did the offering to pick up coverage...a total joke...this guy needs to do his job in 2012 or resign...board needs to step up and become more independent...what is the point of the chairman? to look out for the shareholders...what has he done? company should be will help the top line of many companies and the combined savings would make this company worth between $10-12 to an aquirer today!!!!

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      • Now that is the first productive idea...sounds a little aggressive, but maybe Layton or to change his do nothing approach and start earning his paycheck and do a little work, and like for starters shake up the board, get the hand picked insiders off, particularly the Financial officer, so we can get some fresh ideas, and respected people on the board . Or just sell the Company, get his Golden Parachute, because he sure isn't cashing any stock options......doesn't deserve any in the first place.

    • If Mike Willouby, the President, is not straight up, then he is going to hell and I know he does not want to do that.

      So when he resigns from his position and leaves the Company then I will be a seller. Right now I am taking the gamble, the upside is enormous here, I am looking for a little more transparency and communication with the shareholders, but I think that will come ...conflict is being resolved.

      So I remind the Company error of omission is as much sinful as error of commission.....and as of now there is nothing coming out from this we are all in the dark, until the next announcement of earnings, where i do not want to hear about "manana" anymore

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