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  • lowl22 lowl22 May 22, 2012 9:05 PM Flag

    tough investment

    I have to say that this investment has been the most difficult I have ever held while at the same time I am hoping it will be the most rewarding..Unless as a close friend of mine says, management is conducting fraud inside of the company; then this is a complete and utter joke and as efficient markets work we should be trading a lot higher...I wake up sick to my stomach waiting to see how much money I am going to lose each and every day because I do not unerstand why we keep going down...I see that Mark Layton likes to coach hockey...give seminars in front of classes...probably go to church with willoughby...but unless he starts to go to the investment community and explaing the value proposition then we should sell this company tomorrow and remove the poison pill...I for one have control of 400,000 shares(and probably another 100k) and I will throw these votes against the the directors...James Reilly for example...previous managing director of J.P. Morgan(probably for a day) and served in avarious capacities at Needham...If he can;t get us coverage or a sale of the company and if he does not buy stock I really can't imagine why we need him...seriously!!!He needs to make his voice heard or leave the company...he has a responsibilty to shareholders!!!good night to angry right now to go on...

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    • You got it nailed...What amazes me is management won't cut expenses just a little to show net profit...stupid imo..unless they have a motive not in the best interst of existing shareholders.

    • I am also with you with my 53000 shares. I already mailed my proxy with expressed frustration against directors. If management can't work for shareholders, then they all have to be replaced. In this low price opportunity, I am buying more shares today.

    • Small Cap stocks present a problem, so you have to stay cool.
      Movement in any direction can be taken as a wrong sign. We see the market going up big, but the stock goes down big, what does it mean?. We then rationalize and say any buying and selling can move the stock big in either direction if it is only 100,000 shares or less then $300,000 is all that is needed so any one person,not needing a deep pocket, can move this baby? Scary isn't it?

      Or we can ask ourselves what did we miss something when management told us what was going on in the Company at the conference call reporting its results with numbers such as, hypothetically, " sales went up from $50 to $100, a 100% increase, mathematically true, but so what, to some extent the conference call appeared to be an "orchestrated" conference call ( percentage increases )...did we not pick up on something. Why did not one person ask about Demandware with less revenues and losses and raising 100 million dollars and going up every day...while PFSW is going down everyday, or certainly has after it seemingly reported good numbers.
      The infrastructure is the "diamond in the rough " cost to create, many millions of dollars more than the market cap, but nobody wants it...WHY?

      Then again it could it be a potential purchaser looking to buy it on the cheap, but what reputable Company would do that? There are so few shares it would mean little. Then we have to ask why no one who has a big position ever is on a conference call, or goes to a road show or is represented on the Board?

      They have to be transparent, they have to be more public with their information and not hide behind words that their agreements call for not disclosing who their customers is confidential information.

      How is it possible that all these insiders who have no equity stake in the Company, to speak of, somehow unloaded a lot of stock, for themselves, at the highs, and then downhill the stock goes as they continue to report better figures. Are they now accumulating more stock options at the lows?

      Then again when does it stop " the in house investment/creation of software" which i can only assume represents salaries to the creators of the software. ( Millions of Dollars ) Demandware creates a lot of software,and has a lot of software and there are Companies out there that have the systems in place to pick inventory to fulfill orders, and then how many people do you need to answer telephone calls, when they cannot seem to turn a profit...who is doing the cost accounting, you would think some guy who was last in his class.

      Maybe it is time to shake up the Company, get rid of some of the guys drawing down big salaries and perks.....maybe we need a new slate comprised of activists, and outsiders on the Board. Some the other big holders should be approached to flip over some desks, open some doors, and find out what is going on ? I do not want to sell if there is value there, but i do not want to left holding the bag when all the signs point to lack of transparency or growth or lack of potential profits...Where are the profits, how long do we have to it all pipedreams ? All management has at risk is their salaries, which they pretty much have locked up with the existing friendly Board,....but i remind them there are "a lot of indispensable people in the cemetery " and a lot of Harvard Grads at country clubs where they do not go home at night.

      Looking beyond, we have the same directors for years, hand picked by management, same boring, non agressive people, old people with old ideas. In short we need fresh blood.

      I think every year they have the same $18 million in cash...does not go up and does not go down...I think that is the case....but hopefully something will happen to change the picture, sooner than later is like a water torture!

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      • There are so many reasons why this stock would NOT stay above $1 ((PRESplit)). 1) No respect from the street or the institutions. 2) Managements sent the price on a downward death spiral when they cash in their measly options right when the price just passed $1 presplit. 3) Managements haven't purchase any shares. 4) CEO purchased 500 shares, WOW that is a slap in the face. 5) It all boil down to Confident. When there is no confident, there is no interest in the stock. And the list goes on. If you are dissatisfied with management, let them know with your votes and when you see them in the meeting this June. Otherwise, short when it pass $4 and buy when it at $2. Taint.itch and pfswsucks are just here to amuse and ride the cycle.

    • I share your observation and feelings. I'm holding about 100k if you email will align my shares with your vote

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