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  • secondstagerage secondstagerage May 3, 2000 2:05 PM Flag

    It is way too quiet. If PFSW doesn't

    make earnings we could see single digits IMHO.

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    • I thought Mark's response regarding the customer
      relationships was well-said. The concern re: PR, however, is
      what is left to promote?--strategic alliances,
      strategy (plans, buildouts, technology implementations,
      etc.), operating results, etc., I suppose. Specific PR
      regarding customers, however, should be put to bed except
      what is released by customer-specific

      ``As I have previously articulated, because of our
      focus on large brand companies, the nature of most of
      our projects is confidential. Our clients require a
      confidential relationship because of the value of their brand
      and their desire to control the information flow
      around it,'' Layton added. ``Since our clients are in
      absolute control over the timing of any public
      announcement, we are generally not in a position to form a PR
      campaign around each new contract. As a result, our policy
      will be to discuss our new business pipeline broadly
      and not specifically.''

    • of the companies that I cited: BBSW, EPNY, EGAN,
      KANA, CMRC, ARBA, at least one of them will reach
      Yahoo, AOL like status. B2B is still the hottest area to
      be in no matter what the market condition will be.
      People who hold Yahoo, AOL last year during the summer
      sell-off got rewarded during the winter season.

      The key for investment is to look for the market
      leader in a potential hot industry. For longs who are
      here, we believe PFSW represents this type of
      opportunity. The Street might not recognize this e-fulfillment
      industry for the moment, but we believe they will, sooner
      or later.

      Again, I've posted 3 times that I
      will challenge you to short anywhere below 15 and hold
      till the Christmas shopping season against people who
      buy anywhere below 15 and hold till the Christmas
      shopping season. What do you say?



    • you're all too exicited about it?????. Look what
      happen to VUSA, its REV was increased > 600%, and the
      stock = 1 buck now...GOT IT. I've never considered
      BBSW, EPNY, EGAN, KANA, CMRC, ARBA were good from the
      begining - They're all have negative surprise like PFSW -
      these stocks were high because they got in at the right
      time and their products were sounded differences at
      that time. NOT ANY MORE...

      you wrote:
      confirms my feeling that the company should see its bright
      days around the end of the year with the busy
      Christmas shopping season."

      1) Christmas shopping!!!
      YOU MEAN IBM???
      2)You invest PFSW based on your

      you make me smile again


    • This is a good company but I do agree with you about PR.

      It is OK if they don't want to tell the name of their new customers - just a little bit of positive PR would be nice.

    • We got into PFSW because of its potential in the
      B2B sector.

      Many internet related and the
      high-tech (especially the smaller ones ) stocks had a sharp
      sell-off during last month. Most of the selling in the
      smaller stocks were due to covering the margin calls.
      PFSW just got caught in that sell-off. Nothing changed
      at all during last month. Fundamentals are still
      great. Things are looking better and better. I am long
      on this stock at an average of 29. I am sure, we
      will see 30's to 40's by this summer.

    • Now that the uncertainty is over with on the
      numbers, momentum investors will be looking at this one's
      direction tomorrow. If it looks like a short squeeze, it
      could stampede up. Very important for holders to
      support the stock tomorrow.

      In return for being
      paid managing fees for handling the spinoff, Chase H &
      Q will be lining up some reciprocal buy coverage
      and new buy recommendations from other investment
      firms. That is how those whores operate. Fundamentals
      are great but issues like this also move on momentum.

    • what we got into from the begining, and it's
      starting to show it's presence.
      PFSW is getting
      established as a big player,IBM will bring in more customers
      to work with us wait and see.
      Good luck all
      longs. Great numbers today.

    • Read my posting #4488. During last the last
      month's internet related stocks' sell-off, PFSW got
      caught in that. Nothing changed at all with company.
      Strong fundaments, outstanding growth, excellent
      customer base (see today's reports) and great balance
      sheet. See for yourself.

    • I GOT 3400 SHARES... BETWEEN 40 AND 11....
      MY F@#K@## AS#... S##T.. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS STOCK ???????? TELL ME ?????

    • You bashers are the real POS!!!!!!! Look at the
      today's earnings report, with excellent growth.

      you are short, cover soon. Otherwise, it will be
      Ssssqqqqqqeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on you!!!!!!!

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