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  • bhenning32 bhenning32 Apr 5, 2010 12:41 AM Flag


    State regulators fined Tesoro $85,700 last April for 17 serious safety and health violations, defined as those with potential to cause death or serious physical injury. The company appealed and reached a settlement in November, requiring in part that Tesoro correct the hazards and hire a third-party consultant to do a safety audit. The settlement reduced the total penalty to $12,250 and lowered the number of violations to three.>> Rating :
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    Refinery Contractors and Refinery CEOs know EXACTLY what causes these accidents, but they skirt the issue. What causes these accidents is Fatigue. we worked Shutdowns and Turnarounds and never worked less than 84 hrs a week. Thats fine on a two or three week shutdown, however when you go longer than that you are so tired that you cut corners make mistakes that would normally not be made and you are pushed pretty hard. It costs over a Million Dollars a day for a unit to be shut so the refiners want it back Quickly, To quickly, Except CVX they don`t just talk Safety They truly Practice Safety and they allow no one to be pushed to hard.CVX was a pleasure to work for.

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