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  • jetbpc jetbpc May 1, 2013 5:08 PM Flag

    .72 dead on the latest estimates...

    Too bad no upside surprise, however it does not seem to matter. Look at VLO and PSX. Both beat and both blew away last years Q1 so what is going on...

    Appears that everyone who expected big results exited today.

    The action in the sector is very disturbing and seems to be telegraphing issues ahead with the economy. I believe Friday will be a disaster as well. IMVHO, the jobs number is going to be horrible, but then, look at our country's leaders and their ability (or inability) to move ANYTHING forward except more taxes and higher expense to the general public and in particular the middle class, you know the folks that our great pres. wanted to help and protect! This does not seem to be good news at all....


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    • If these moves are telegraphing what is ahead, then what did the run up in both crude and the entire refining sector over the last 3 months telegraph? If anything, the drop in crude will begin to ripple through the economy in cost savings and increased consumer spending.. like it always does... until we hit the point that it becomes obvious and the market thinks consumer sentiment is telegraphing a huge uptick in demand and production.... which "telegraphs" that commodity demand is picking up and so then commodity prices get bid up to reflect what the market is supposedly telegraphing until the prices get too high and begins to undermine the demand.. which then telegraphs that the consumer is weakening and thereby demand will be light for everything including commodities... which is seen as telegraphing a return to recession, so then commodity prices drop out very quickly to "confirm the trend" only to allow enough breathing room for consumers to once again pick up their spending and etc. etc. etc. Wash Rinse Repeat.

    • Sorry, I mis-read, it was .73 so they did beat the lowered estimates...

82.86-0.03(-0.04%)Sep 28 4:03 PMEDT