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    The company gets to borrow up to $5 million through Oct. 1, 2006. In consideration for the loan, the lender get warrants to purchase 3 million shares of the company at any time between now and Oct. 1, 2011 for $1.25 per share. That's ONE dollar and twenty-five cents, not TWO dollars and twenty-five cents. Disregarding their option value, the warrants' current in-the-money value is ($3 million)*($2.70 - $1.25) = $4.35 million. The company issued warrants worth at least $4.35 million now for the privilege of borrowing up to $5 million at 9% during the next year.

    I'm short 6300 shares, but those seem to be the facts of the situation, generous to the lender as they seem to be.

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    • You sound like every ossified professor I've ever heard living in some text book world with zero relevance to the real world. You still have not answered the repeated questions directed to you about VNX's latest laughable "death knell" round of financing. Why are you avoiding the issue?

      Go SHFL!

    • Happy to help with an overview, whether this will make sense really depends on pre-dispositions and personal experience as well.

      Basically, one can divide the 'analysis' aspect of investments into two thoroughly different approaches. They are referred to as 'fundamental' and 'technical'. Your points of reference all fall into the 'fundamental' approach. Charts on the other hand (and there are many kinds of charts) are the 'technical' side of things.

      I personally believe that by taking the best of what each approach offers and putting them together in a non-exclusive way, gives me the best results. I personally refer then to this approach as 'rational' analysis.

      Now back to your question, 'technicians' simply put the case this way... 'don�t bother me with the facts, just show me the chart'! They are solid in their belief that all the detail and effort that goes into the 'fundamental' research is largely a total waste of time. They maintain that rationale because of the opinion that after all, people who 'know' what to expect in the future, are voting their capital, and leaving a trail.. so all the technician has to do is 'figure it out'! Another way of putting it is 'show me the money (or rather, what the 'money' is doing), and I'll determine what I want to do with 'my' money. The premise that works for me is simply that.. everything that Can be known, IS known, by someone. It is therefore this 'voting of their dollars' which is immediately helpful to the arriving investor, since it is recorded in easy to see 'map' if you will. So what technicians or 'chartists' like to, is to attempt to draw predictive conclusions based upon such things as 'breakouts', resistance or support levels, and all types of 'formations' which become recognizable in the charts, and which then may well become quite reliable as some predictive indication of future price movement. I am particularly impressed with the style of charting called 'point and figure'. If you become interested in understanding more about this sort of thing, the very best book I've found, and can commend to you is called simply "Point and Figure Charting" by Tom Dorsey.

      So to answer your question in summary, yes, charts do in fact 'reflect' fundamentals... because it is for the most part, fundamentals that drive 'investor's' to take a position.
      That is not to say that fundamentals impact 'traders' the same way. In fact I'd say that active traders pay little if any heed to such fundamental analysis as you list in your question. Traders are nearly always hanging their bets upon charts and elements of very rapidly changing 'short term' data.

      I sincerely hope this helps answer your question.


    • We disagree, but we can watch the story unfold from opposite sides of the fence.

    • Do you suspect cranberryvino ever had lunch or dinner with VNX executives?

      That might look suspicious.

      Anyone who owns SHFL stock would never consider having a meal with Dr. Yoseloff.

      Or Joe Lahti.

      Go SHFL SHIT!

    • Madame Brianalee37,

      Charts are vitally important to our resident slimeball when the stock prices move in the direction that serves his purpose. When this happens he's a big proponent of charts and readily links them here for everyone to see. He, of course, provides moronic commentary to accompany those charts during these times that favor his argument.

      When the stock prices go the other way, like a few short weeks ago, our resident slimeball conveniently forgets charts ever existed. These actions are typical of sleazeball stock swindlers like the ScamMan.

      Go SHFL!

      Go SHFL!

    • "Now I offered you a little help, some basic charting analysis would have saved you a lot of grief, but .."

      I confess I know nothing about charts, they just appear as symbols and marks that I don't understand. But do they in any way take into account the financial health of a company? The debt of a company? The capabilities of its CFO and other officers and directors? If the chart only provides information on a company�s trading patterns, past and "potential" future based upon its past, how is that helpful?

    • See message #1133

      Beyond that I'm watching with as much interest as you are!


    • Never intended as such, not personal. Was in reference to bob.
      My apologies if misunderstood as such.

    • What is your opinion of the loan deal?

    • >>The company issued warrants worth at least $4.35 million now for the privelge of borrowing up to $5 million at 9% during the year.<<

      Staggering. If the Pompous Pansy continues to pretend everything is hunk-dory for VNX then he's a bigger scam artist then I thought.

      And SHFL stockholders are supposed to be worrying? (ROFLOL)

      Go SHFL!

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