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  • pjv2xyw9dww4b5 pjv2xyw9dww4b5 May 25, 2006 10:46 AM Flag

    put agreement

    One clever way for VNX to boost the volume-weighted average price on some day during this 15-day exercise window might be to have a couple of people bat the same shares back and forth to each other in trades at the ask. Just an idea I had after seeing two 9000-share trades a minute apart! It's just my imagination, though, because such manipulation of the VWAP would be unethical, and what would Bricoleur think if shares were put to it on a day during which such hypothetical shenanigans occurred?

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    • PJ, do you really think that cram dumb ass is capable of understanding that you being green on your short is better than him being red? Personally, from knowing him as i do i dont think he understands that concept of investing or trading. I think someone needs to tell him we do this to make money not loose.

      You did good,


      PS i hope you are covering some of it. I do expect it to go to 1.85 near term but after that it might pop before it goes down more. Take some of your money and run........

    • You do make me chuckle with your posts. You'll NEVER go on my ignore list, although I am wistful in saying that I may not be here much longer.

      Why? As for "choking on my short position"'s getting to be a bit late for that, as it has moved through my digestive system, and the biggest risk now is that it will, to extend your poetry-----plug my toilet. What do you think someone short tens of thousands of shares when the stock price is in the high 3's is busy doing when the stock price is in the low 2's? My motivation to post here is sapped by covering. Nevertheless, I had one last hurrah with a short sale at $2.45 near the close earlier this week. Even that position, though, is rapidly slipping into history as I seek other investments for VNX longs' cash....

    • What, and miss all the fun!
      I hardly think so... after all, being a 'substitute teach', you need all the nurturing you can handle. Just think of the innocent souls who might happen upon our little corner of cyberspace.... I shudder at the thought that they would be so tasked by the difficulty of deciphering your contributions... or worse yet, that they might give you the benefit of the doubt and presume you were some kind hearted, well intended shepherd of integrity.

      Even worse, If I were to simply 'iggy you', then poor old bubba bob and the crew from planet gpic would be lost for what to do with their spare time.

      Far better that I just accept your confused state and help you out from time to time with your depression.

      See? I really am a good guy :) And I will so enjoy seeing you choke on your short(s).
      (now there's a vivid word picture to end the day on !) gg

    • I don't think that is an issue any more...

      It's all about paying back the debt now. They can buy shares if they choose to.

      "Pursuant to the Securities Put Agreement, dated as of May 1, 2006, the Bricoleur Funds have agreed to purchase up to $5 million of the Company's common stock..."

      "The purchase price for shares sold pursuant to the Securities Put Agreement will be equal to 80% of the volume- weighted average price of the Company's common stock on the day the Company delivers the requisite purchase notice to the Bricoleur" with a a max purchase price of 3.50.

      VNX cloaed at 2.35 and is down for the week. (much like the rest of the market)

    • Please put me on ignore ASAP to spare yourself the agony of reading my posts!

    • LOL...
      There is absolutely NOTHING meaninful nor URGENT about the content of anything either of you have ever posted to this room.

      Period !

      the humor though is your only saving grace :)

      Keep it coming boys !!!

      Cranberry - wishing you both many happy days of laughter in your old age - vino

    • As the tension mounts prior to the pending announcement of the Enron trial at the top of the hour, its nice to have you here providing comic relief! When you lose your ass on your short, you should at least be comforted that there might be a spot for you on 'Saturday Night Live'! Thanks for the humor :)


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