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  • cranberryvino cranberryvino Nov 21, 2006 3:24 PM Flag

    Full Disclosure:

    Hank Sowerwine / aka Cranberryvino
    Relationship to VNX / shareholder
    Investment position / Long fully paid for common shares.
    Other compensation or interest in the company, direct or indirect or imagined / None whatsoever in any kind or manner ever.
    Motivation for writing / to express personal opinions and viewpoints regarding the investment merits of this company.

    Challenge to briannalee, bobshfl, or any of the other earlobes who hide behind yahoo aliases here... match that degree of full disclosure if you have the guts.

    Best regards (as usual)

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    • Doesn't everyone understand VNX will come to dominate the chip business just like they did the shuffler business? (ROFLOL)

      Go SHFL!

    • Responding to a question about the difficulties they met during the ramp up of the big Wynn-Macau contract, GPIC's CEO mentioned that when they started with lo-feq chips about a decade ago, the yield was about 50% (ie, 1 bad chip in two prodcued) and today they have a yield for lo-freq chips of 98% (ie 2 bad chips in 100 chips produced). As he said, this was their first mass volume hi-freq contract and they had a very tight schedule. I'd not be surprised to see glitches. But I like the CEO's honesty in admitting the problemss. I also like the confidence he shows based on their *real* experiences in the past that the problems will be fixed. And he truely values the lessions they learned this time around.

      On the contrary, VNX ..... (don't need to repeat what have been told so many times ...)

    • Cranberry, you of course have proof of this correct?

      I also remember you saying that Wynn wasn't happy with the low frequency system at Wynn Las Vegas either and you stated back then that Wynn Macau could be a Hi freq. winner for VNX. Which takes me back to my origional question.

      Why did Wynn choose GPIC over VNX for the Macau deal especially since they were as you put it (unhappy) with the GPIC low frequency system.

      If you know about so-called mis-marking of chips, laminating problems and cracking then you certainly should know why VNX didn't win the Wynn RFID contract. Again if that is the case I would be asking VNX management what's going on. Which also leads me to believe that if you know this type of information (if it's even true) you should also know wether or not the company will be profitable in the 4th quarter. Again, since you refuse to answer the question the answer I can assume we all know what the answer is. Another terrible quarter.

    • fruit, you're a hoot!
      if you call delivering chips to wynn macau, whose characterists were marked by the following....

      1/ a high percentage simply didnt work
      2/ mismarking $1,000 chips as $100 chips
      3/ a troubling tendency for the chips to 'delaminate' or 'crack' ... your choice of words is fine....

      as 'successful'? rofl !
      even a turkey can figure that's just not right!

      no, you can call that successful if you wish, but try comparing that to the Galaxy experience with the VNX shipment... just try!

      happy cranberrysauce!

    • <Fact 4. GPIC has reported publicly of their failure to properly execute their initial Wynn Macau order at a level of performance and quality that was expected. Multiple issues of production and field performance being significant. (opinion.. the door is open for an alternative, and VNX is certainly a viable contender).>

      I think you need to listen to the Goldman Sacks presentation on the Wynn RFID chip order. The CEO clearly stated what happened with the production issue. The key was even with the production issues, purchasing of new equipment for embedding Hi Freq. RFID chips and working overtime the company successfully completed the order on time.

      Opinion... im not saying VNX is not a contender. But if I were you I would be asking VNX management this question: Why did Wynn Macau bypass the leading most experience hi frequency RFID Chip manufacturer and go with someone else? who by the way, had to purchase new machinery and add extra shifts and personnel to complete the order. If VNX is placing there RFID eggs all in the same basket (Macau) and you loose a huge order to a competitor who has to re-tool there entire operation I would have some concernes.

      As I have stated before VNX will win more RFID orders, no doubt about it. But it's going to be scraps compared to GPIC. Again, in the Goldman Sacks presentation the CEO stated that he was not worried about 2007 orders, he was worried about production capacity. On top of that I get a .125 divident shortly. Now those are the comments I like to here from a CEO.

    • Who else thinks that Hank Sauerwine is Cranberryvino? Talk about throwing softballs.

      I didn't spell the name right, but I was right!

    • wynnitnow
      First, I believe what I said was clear, as is your sense of humor on point one.
      Secondly, there are no 'links' to verbal communication. Had you been at the G2E you could have heard the same thing.
      Thirdly, that all depends on orders now, doesnt it!
      OK, this has been fun, but thats a wrap.
      Happy Thanksgivng

    • Cran, although i appreciate your loyalty to the company, can you clarify a few of your answers.
      1. when you say some of VNXs products cannot compete in the Macau market, do you mean some shufflers can compete here currently. I understand that VNX cannot sell any shufflers there is this correct?
      2. Do you have a link to the raving reviews on the chips? I would like to know where you got this info.
      3. In your opinion, will VNX show a profit in Q4? thanks.

    • In the spirt of the season, I appreicate your frustration. To take it personally would be a mistake. Let me say though, that if you were in my place, my guess is that you'd be 'answering' in a similar manner.

      Having said that, you ask for a 'fact' concering sale of VNX shufflers and rfid chips in Macau. Thats fair,.. but here are a few more than one..
      Fact 1. The recent Galaxy order, has resulted in rave reviews and performed at the highest level of expectations. (opinion.. reorders and new orders would seem likely based upon current alternatives and experience so far)

      Fact 2. New openings in Macau (you and I disagree on timing, as I expect that the Crown Macau opening will be in Q2) look promising. (opinion.. I expect VNX has a good shot at that rfid business and timing would seem near as the 'topping out' of the construction has been announced, along with the start of staff hiring... you can find that on the Melco web site.)

      Fact 3. For the moment, as an aspect of the working relationship between Melco's Elixir and VNX, direct competition with shuffler products of other Elixir affiliates precludes some of the VNX products from competition in that market. (opinion.. stay tuned)

      Fact 4. GPIC has reported publicly of their failure to properly execute their initial Wynn Macau order at a level of performance and quality that was expected. Multiple issues of production and field performance being significant. (opinion.. the door is open for an alternative, and VNX is certainly a viable contender).

      Enjoy the family and be well,

    • * Kid E Car / aka Nunyabidness

      * Relationship to VNX / distant cousin twice removed

      * Investment position / GPIC Long

      * Other compensation or interest in the company, direct or indirect or imagined / $1 poker chip + 'Vig'(uncollected)

      * Motivation for writing / Sharing pertinent investment-related facts (with verifiable references) on Yahoo Stock Message Boards with other investors about publically traded companies.

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      • Kidecar,
        you and fruit and a few others here, fall into a category of relative irrelevance. I have no quarrell with you, other than your occasional mean-spirited tendencies and understandable lack of willingness to admit your real identity/agenda. I do appreciate and respect your differences of opinion though.
        Care to make a 'guess' as to the future competitiveness in the rfid chip area between the two contenders?

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