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  • cranberryvino cranberryvino Dec 12, 2006 9:03 PM Flag

    Invest .

    Has a nice ring to it! In fact, that�s really what this is all about now isn't it! You who would argue otherwise are simply traders, and entitled to your chosen paths.. and I wish you good luck (or not, in the case of the vnx shorts, shfl terrorists and other riff raff that scurries about in the dark of night and runs whining to their mommas at the sight of daylight).

    So here's the opportunity to take advantage (as a contrarian it might seem by reading these pages), of a chance to position one's capital in a rather aggressive, energetic and dynamic situation. Brace yourself for the onslaught of shrapnel though, as the local neighborhood is pretty least for the moment. :)

    Go TEAM VNX !


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    • PJ,

      "RFD", perfect, i love it. "it is so fitting a proper that we should do this". Scumbags financial service named "Recurring Financial Disater"

      Thank you, PJ

    • "There are times when I feel like I'm playing the piano for cows. "

      Maybe it's just Mr. Mooberryvino from Longview, RFD (Recurring Financial Disaster)that is marching to the beat of a different drummer.

      But just to make sure that you're 'ready for the 'VNX shareholder roundup'that BrokebackBerry keeps referring to,do you know any Joplin? A tune from the soundtrack of, "The Sting" called "The Entertainer" seems approperiate for Sherrif Vino's roundup music!

      (or you could always post another track from "PJ's Greatest Whistling Hits")

      Dada dodaaaa dada doda dada do dada da da da dahhhh...

    • One further thought on the Pompous Pansy who prides himself on being a scammer.

      My guess is he acts as a conduit for people like the Crabbe family to unload their stock. It would not be surprising to find out that his job is to find suckers to buy VNX shit stock from bigshots like the Crabbe family.

      Now that's a job only a prick like ScamMan could laugh about.

      Go SHFL!

    • 3rd quarter 10-Q ( ):

      In VNX we have a company with a market capitalization of about $60 million that has nearly $31 million in total assets, of which $13 million is goodwill (fluff in pj's opinion). So if the liabilities just disappeared, it would be trading at nearly twice book value.

      And what would be the effect of the disappearance of "Interest expense, unrelated parties" from the 3rd quarter statement of operations? Loss would be "only" ($3,420,387).

      How has 2006 gone so far under the new management? Deficit on the balance sheet has changed from ($71,687,777) at 12/31/05 to ($80,978,249) at 09/30/06. That's over $9 million by which the deficit has grown--under the new management.

      And what about the Elixir shares and warrants? One response to
      was . I follow my nose and see shares and warrants with a value of $19 million or so about to be issued in return for $2.65 million. Maybe VNX longs simply don't care.

      There are times when I feel like I'm playing the piano for cows.

    • Cnoin,

      It's my understanding Trade was a client of ScamMan's. This would obviously explain his rage.

      Go SHFL!

    • "All I need is a few more pennies and I can get out."

      The lesson is cheap if your loss is less than ten per cent. Consider the relief that you will feel from having sold when the share price drops below ten cents for the first time.

      You may think that I am kidding you. I am not.

    • because Cranberry makes a good case for growth. The only problem is he makes no case that it can offset dilution, a tripling of the shares outstanding, expenses, meaning that even if VNX can gain any market share, they will not be profitable and even if they can turn a profit, it will never be enough to justify the market capitalization.

      Since Cranducocka can't give any offset to these obvious items, the result is that you are 100% correct on your short and Crandufus, WhippedCharlie will be going down the tubes with their investment. All I need is a few more pennies and I can get out.

      Crancrank has done a good job of proving your point PJ. You should send him flowers for Christmas. He just showed that everyone should be short.

      Anybody know what he did to trade to make that guy so angry.

    • Cranblurry - I used to think you were crazy, now I can clearly see your nuts.

      Seriously, you do know that any chance of bringing in new investors to get this stock up are nil now that you have proven you have nothing to back up your commentary and can't answer the dilution factor.

      Can I ask you one favor this Christmas season? Dip into your client's funds to buy enough shares to get this to $2.30 so I can get out. You clients won't notice, they are probably so used to your double speak.

      How can you admit to knowing squat. Better get back to your complimentary dick checker. There is one in your mirror.

    • "I would have doubled or tripled my position already..."


    • you're most welcome.
      stop by for breakfast anytime!
      oh, and if you see your bud bob, would you Please send him to the emergency room... its getting awfully hot in there, and the patients are beginningn to hurt each other...

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