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  • sixandsigma sixandsigma Mar 26, 2012 9:54 AM Flag

    When is sokha soft opening - Actual Date?

    When is sokha soft opening - Actual Date?

    Any one know?

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    • K,
      Am aware of everything you just said, and agree I do not know either the WUD and/or total EGMs that will eventually be placed in Sokha facilities. EGT may get zero additional machines. I THINK there will be additional machine placement but how many I do not know. (If you owned the Sokha facility and you thought the casino could handle maximum 250 machines, would you put all 200/250 machines in play on day one ? I do not think so. You would do the same as NW did and IF IF the demand required additional machines you would then put them in. If that happens at Sokha, and if EGT is performing, then it is reasonable that EGT will get the contract for the additional machines.)

      I also agree I do NOT know what the new casinos will bring, although as posted previously one could go to the present border casinos and get some idea of what the daily handle is. Clarence certainly has done this (maybe not personally). You or I could also albeit not with the same expertise as Clarence or someone with his experience.
      I have not done this. I have not spoken directly with any person who has. Thus I do not know the handle, the drop, or the WUD. We all know historically Asians play table games more than slots.
      We'll get some partial answers soon.

    • agree 100%. It's more to do with the opening of new casinos which they have full control over.

      The cash flow will increase to either open up new and far bigger casinos in the future.

      Thats the main story.

      EGT is a growth story.

    • Who cares about Sokha. The growth story on this stock is EGT building their own casino's. I don't think there would be a mad rush to get in on EGT because they have 250 seats going in Sokha.

    • Sokha is probably already price in. They only get 27% of the win rate. So if you figure a win rate of 150 per machine per day, that will be less than 3 million in rev a year.

      The bigger news will be when their own casino's open up. They get 80% and 60% of the win rates respectively.

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