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  • fball_studz fball_studz Aug 8, 2012 1:52 PM Flag

    You folks (some) are Nuts

    I don't think anyone who has done any DD disputes things are headed in a better direction then before, and certain Clarence's team is building revenue and earnings.

    Many, like myself, only point out the stock got way to far ahead of itself, and for those interested in playing it short-term and trading off it. Making money on each peak and valley then there is feedback anbd advice for how one shoudl position themselves.

    If your long an dyou know yor long, not even sure while you post on a MB....I'd assume you check here just for breaking news and little gems of info you wouldn't discover in your own DD, or if something major happens...checking hear to possible hear it first. With that said, i believe those that continue to push this stock up will, and those that then sell into the high and push it back don will too. I plan on playing it that way till the quarter confirms they deserve the current PE ratio and PPS they are at.

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    • +1 Fball

      That strategy has worked wonders for me thus far.

      As far as this stock goes, for a Chinese HQed Company whose primary operations are based in Cambodia and the Philippines, a PE of 90 suggests the cart was driving the horse.

      Unless this stock shattered estimates it was going to see a short-term drop and it's bizaire to me how so many so called 'investors' couldn't see this. Throw in the fact that they are investing in other operations and there was a very slim chance the stock was going to respond positively to an earnings report.

      Chinese companies in general should always trade at lower P/E ratios due to the inherent risk factor of owning a Chinese Stock. Also, Chinese Stocks frequently keep investors in the dark and EGT is no exception with the shady way they've handled news surrounding their new casino operations.

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      • "Chinese companies in general should always trade at lower P/E ratios due to the inherent risk factor of owning a Chinese Stock."

        Agree 100 %.

        I do not understand why some on this message board insult your contributions.

        Instead these mentally challenged should be buying Enron, WCOM, Bear Sterns, MF Global, and Solyndra.

        Why they can not see this obvious fact is beyond my comprehension.

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